Attendees of “Saint Sava” Summer School of Serbian Language and Culture visited a Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Letnja skola_7The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a Museum of Serbian Diplomacy hosted a revisit by a initial organisation of children and youths from a Serbian diaspora, attendees of a “Saint Sava” Summer School of Serbian Language and Culture, a programme of that is this year also upheld by a Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The propagandize was founded in 1995 and has given been attended by approximately 2,000 students from Albania, Austria, Italy, Canada, France, Great Britain, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Macedonia, Croatia, etc.

The idea of a summer propagandize is to, by holding workshops and organizing encounters with eminent personages from a universe of Serbian culture, namely writers, sportspersons and actors as good as by classes of Serbian literature, denunciation and Cyrillic script, support a refuge of Serbian linguistic, informative and eremite temperament in a Serbian diaspora, and get them proficient with Belgrade’s and Serbia’s landmarks, while they consort with their peers from Serbian schools.

Ambassador Dr Ljiljana Niksic, Director of a Department for Migration Policy, Diaspora and Social Security Agreements, perceived a organisation of 30 children and youths, aged 8-22, and a training staff.

Wishing them a welcome, she underlined that a Serbs were “jewels” of their unapproachable Motherland who, yet “scattered” all over a world, had not been forgotten, personification a purpose of Serbia’s useful bridges of loyalty with a countries where they lived and worked. She underlined that a Motherland was beholden to them and their relatives for not carrying lost a Serbian language, proudly preserving their birthright and visiting Serbia.

In team-work with a training staff, Ambassador Dr Niksic hold an interactive seminar “From Diaspora to a Serbian diplomacy”, during that a girl had an eventuality to plead their encounters with Serbian diplomats and make their suggestions.

At a finish of a event, a guest wrote an particular summary any as good as a corner summary to a Minister that stated: “Keep Serbia for us, for it will always sojourn in the hearts, wherever we might be. Rest positive that we will everywhere and to everybody proudly benefaction ourselves as Serbs”.

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