Dacic: “Serbia committed to a process of peace, and will not refrain from position that a durable resolution be sought by dialogue”

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DACICResponding to a matter of a former Head of UN Mission in Kosovo and Metohija, Petersen, that Serbia was doing all to destabilize a autonomy of Kosovo, First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic settled that this was pomposity during a best.

“Which nation in a universe accepts a uneven stipulation of secession of a partial of a possess territory? Why is his country, Denmark, creation such an bid to reason onto Greenland that is 3,500 km away, or Faroe Islands 1,300 km away?

Petersen deemed it required to impugn Serbia for not hailing a autonomy of Kosovo, in rebuttal of a fact that he was Head of Mission of a United Nations, an Organization whose fortitude 1244 is still in effect.

Serbia is committed to a process of peace, certainty in a region, though will not refrain from a position that a durable resolution should be sought by dialogue. It is not Serbia that is destabilizing Kosovo, though Pristina is, by refusing to emanate a Community of Serbian municipalities, as envisaged by a Brussels Agreement. Particularly asocial is Petersen’s call on a European Union to harden a mandate for Serbia, saying that a emanate of Kosovo’s standing has been resolved.

He would presumably be improved off propelling his possess country, Denmark – that had announced nothing and blank a uneven stipulation of autonomy of Faroe Islands, to do that.

There is something decaying about a beliefs modernized by Danish diplomat Petersen. Let him request them elsewhere, for example, to his possess country, to start with”, settled Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic.

Article source: http://www.mfa.gov.rs/en/press-service/statements/16085-dacic-serbia-committed-to-the-policy-of-peace-and-will-not-refrain-from-position-that-a-durable-solution-be-sought-through-dialogue