Dacic: “Serbia committed to the policy of peace, and will not refrain from position that a durable solution be sought through dialogue”

DACICResponding to the statement of the former Head of UN Mission in Kosovo and Metohija, Petersen, that Serbia was doing everything to destabilize the independence of Kosovo, First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic stated that this was hypocrisy at its best.

“Which country in the world accepts a unilateral declaration of secession of a part of its own territory? Why is his country, Denmark, making such an effort to hold onto Greenland which is 3,500 km away, or Faroe Islands 1,300 km away?

Petersen deemed it necessary to criticize Serbia for not hailing the independence of Kosovo, in defiance of the fact that he was Head of Mission of the United Nations, an Organization whose resolution 1244 is still in effect.

Serbia is committed to the policy of peace, confidence in the region, but will not refrain from the position that a durable solution should be sought through dialogue. It is not Serbia that is destabilizing Kosovo, but Pristina is, by refusing to create a Community of Serbian municipalities, as envisaged by the Brussels Agreement. Particularly cynical is Petersen’s call on the European Union to toughen the requirements for Serbia, stating that the issue of Kosovo’s status has been resolved.

He would possibly be better off urging his own country, Denmark – which had declared null and void the unilateral declaration of independence of Faroe Islands, to do that.

There is something rotten about the principles advanced by Danish diplomat Petersen. Let him apply them elsewhere, for example, to his own country, to begin with”, stated Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic.