Dacic: “The Serbian President has my support in a refuge of domestic fortitude and delay of a European path, while safeguarding a inhabitant interests”

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ID 1“Yesterday, as we participated in a discussion in Wachau, Austria, some of my interlocutors from a EU have brought to my courtesy that a high central of (Boris) Tadic’s celebration had visited Brussels and conveyed to EU officials that a domestic atmosphere in Serbia, allegedly, had never been worse, that, according to him, it was worse than underneath a Milosevic regime, that a state was being governed in an undemocratic demeanour and underneath prevalence of an peremptory care discordant to a European values, that a media were underneath clever pressure, etc.

Meanwhile, President Vucic is, on a daily basis, unprotected to many heartless of attacks, both by a media and domestic figures. Then what is a idea of these attacks – to explain that Serbia was underneath dictatorship, while Commissioner Hahn, vocalization on interest of a EU, during a same time assessed in his matter that Serbia was on a right track?

The aim is to harm Serbia.

One might or might not like politicians, though contingency not hatred Serbia. Therefore it is really critical to say a domestic fortitude in Serbia and continue on a trail we have embarked on – a European path, safeguarding resolutely a inhabitant and state interests. In this, President Vucic will have my support”, reads a matter by Minister Dacic.

Article source: http://www.mfa.gov.rs/en/press-service/statements/16633-dacic-the-serbian-president-has-my-support-in-the-preservation-of-political-stability-and-continuation-of-the-european-path-while-protecting-the-national-interests