Dacic: “The Serbian President has my support in the preservation of political stability and continuation of the European path, while protecting the national interests”

ID 1“Yesterday, as I participated in the conference in Wachau, Austria, some of my interlocutors from the EU have brought to my attention that a high official of (Boris) Tadic’s party had visited Brussels and conveyed to EU officials that the political atmosphere in Serbia, allegedly, had never been worse, that, according to him, it was worse than under the Milosevic regime, that the state was being governed in an undemocratic manner and under dominance of an authoritarian leadership contrary to the European values, that the media were under strong pressure, etc.

Meanwhile, President Vucic is, on a daily basis, exposed to most brutal of attacks, both by the media and political figures. Then what is the goal of these attacks – to claim that Serbia was under dictatorship, while Commissioner Hahn, speaking on behalf of the EU, at the same time assessed in his statement that Serbia was on the right track?

The aim is to hurt Serbia.

One may or may not like politicians, but must not hate Serbia. Therefore it is very important to maintain the political stability in Serbia and continue on the path we have embarked upon – the European path, protecting firmly our national and state interests. In this, President Vucic will have my support”, reads the statement by Minister Dacic.