Dacic: We wish a extensive team-work between Serbia and Suriname

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SurinameFirst Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic met currently in Belgrade with a Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Suriname, Ms. Yldiz D. Pollack-Beighle.

At a corner press discussion following a meeting, Minister Dacic emphasized how gratified he was to play horde to a Minister of Suriname. The Minister called her a good crony of Serbia and emphasized that Serbia rarely appreciated what she and a Surinamese President did for a growth of shared family between a dual countries.

The Serbian Foreign Minister pronounced that he approaching a President of Suriname to revisit Serbia as good as that he visited Suriname on 10 Feb and sealed 4 memorandums and agreements including a Friendship and Cooperation Agreement and a Roadmap.

“In line with a Roadmap, a Committee comprising 4 member from any nation will be charged with examining and compelling cooperation. We wish a team-work to be comprehensive,” Minister Dacic said.

Ministers Dacic and Pollack-Beighle currently sealed a Memorandum on Cooperation between a Diplomatic Academy of a Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia and a Suriname Institute of Diplomacy.

“It is critical to inspire mercantile team-work and educational cooperation, including troops and military/health education. We also wish to concur during a multilateral turn given we control identical policy”.

The Minister voiced special thankfulness to Suriname for revoking a approval of Kosovo’s autonomy and settled that it was a confidant pierce that contributed to efforts directed during a concede solution.

“What Suriname did was a triggering cause conversion other countries to re-examine their decisions and devaluate approval of Kosovo.”

Minister Pollack-Beighle voiced low and genuine thankfulness to Serbian authorities for a pleasing and comfortable liberality accorded to her.

“Although geographically distant apart, Suriname and Serbia have good family formed on mutual advantage and understanding, reinforced by a honour for territorial firmness and element of non-interference in a inner affairs of other states”, Pollack-Beighle said. She emphasized that she concluded with Minister Dacic to step adult domestic and mercantile cooperation.

“I consider that we have approached team-work in a useful way, generally in a margin such as economy. we trust that a mercantile team-work with Serbia is going well, that is profitable not usually to a mercantile team-work though also to a partnership”, a Foreign Minister of Suriname said.

Moreover, she pronounced that that they were anticipating that team-work with Serbia would also rise in a fields of defence, energy, education, IT sector, H2O management, fisheries and tourism.

Article source: http://www.mfa.gov.rs/en/press-service/statements/17980-dacic-we-want-a-comprehensive-cooperation-between-serbia-and-suriname