Minister Dačić perceived German Ambassador Axel Dittmann on a farewell visit

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Ivica DacicFirst Deputy Prime Minister of a Republic of Serbia and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ivica Dačić, perceived a Ambassador of a Federal Republic of Germany in a Republic of Serbia, Axel Dittmann, who called on him to bid farewell.

Both sides reliable that shared family between Serbia and Germany were unusually good and characterized by grown team-work in all areas.

Minister Dačić thanked Ambassador Dittmann for his personal grant to a graduation of shared team-work between Serbia and Germany. He stressed in sold that during a ambassador’s goal in Serbia extensive team-work was intensified, as good as high and a top-level discourse that showed a consistent trend of promotion.

Minister Dačić was also beholden for a clever support Germany lent to Serbia in a European formation process. Ambassador Dittmann underscored that Germany would continue to extend such support.

Ambassador Dittmann thanked Minister Dačić for a glorious and tighten team-work he had with a Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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