Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Participates In Fifth Belgrade Nato Week

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Filipovic NATO weekActing Assistant Foreign Minister for Security Policy, Ambassador Branimir Filipović non-stop “Fifth Belgrade NATO Week” along with Ambassador Tacan Ildem, NATO Assistant Secretary General for Public Diplomacy, Benjamin Hodges, Commander US Army Europe, Kyle Scott, US Ambassador to Serbia and Mateja Norčić Štamcar, Deputy Head of a EU commission to Serbia.

The meeting, hold on 16 and 17 November, was orderly by a Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies with a support of NATO Department for Public Diplomacy and a US Embassy.

Acting Assistant Minister forked out that this year again “NATO Week” presented a good event to plead a horde of issues and yield additional information associated to a purpose and functioning of NATO and a family with other ubiquitous organizations within a extended operation of participants including institutions of a Republic of Serbia, NATO, EU, a Alliance Member States and partners though also member of a educational and non-governmental zone and media. Most importantly, it was an event to benefaction Serbia’s activities in team-work with NATO by PfP program, a formula of Serbia’s ten-year-long partnership team-work as good as ideas for this team-work in a stirring period.

NATO week 01Ambassador Filipović emphasized in sold that a assembly coincided with President Aleksandar Vučić’s revisit to NATO headquarters, reaffirming once again that a successful domestic discourse during a highest-level was complete and unchanging including discourse during other levels as good as different unsentimental team-work that promotes improved bargain between a dual sides and contributes to strengthening assent and fortitude in a region.

Acting Assistant Minister forked to Serbia’s unfamiliar process priorities and emphasized a country’s vital idea to join EU and a efforts to make a profitable grant to confidence and fortitude of a Western Balkans, as a pivotal precondition for mercantile and any other swell of a segment as a whole and of any sold country. As for a country’s family with NATO, he stressed that they represented an intensely critical unfamiliar and confidence process area of team-work for Serbia along a lines of a country’s pure joining to progressing and compelling informal assent and fortitude that is, during a same time, an critical component of European confidence in general.

In his opening statement, a Acting Assistant Minister underlined that Serbia conducted a process of troops neutrality implying that it had no goal of apropos a member of any troops alliance. However, that position presented no barrier for a serve growth of partner team-work with NATO. There are examples of many militarily neutral or militarily non-aligned countries posterior successfully that kind of cooperation. Nevertheless, a fact that Serbia is militarily neutral does not indicate that it is removed or self-sufficient. Actually, it plays an active purpose of a partner committed to peace, fortitude and cooperation. He combined that a side hold in high venerate NATO’s honour for Serbia’s troops neutrality. For a part, Serbia wishes to foster such team-work of partnership within that horizon that forms a essential basement for relations-building between a dual sides. Such position as good as team-work with other countries in a universe are not to a wreckage of a team-work with NATO and clamp versa, since all activities undertaken by us are in line with a interests and are entirely transparent.

NATO week 02Ambassador Filipović forked in sold to an intensely critical purpose played by KFOR in Kosovo and Metohija in suitability with UNSC fortitude 1244 (1999) not usually from a indicate of perspective of Serbia’s interests though of a segment as a whole. Serbia entirely supports KFOR’s charge and it is really critical that a participation in a Province be not reduced. The purpose of KFOR in a insurance of a Serbian people and a informative and eremite birthright is undeniably important. Although it stays staunchly opposite a approval of UDI of Kosovo, Serbia is committed to discourse between Belgrade and Pristina in sequence to safeguard fortitude via a Province. Such joining implies that whatever had been concluded on in a discourse has to be implemented.

On a second day, Ambassador Filipović took partial in a special row event clinging to family between Serbia and NATO together with Major General Milan Mojsilović, Acting Assistant Minister of Defense, with Mr. Robert Pščel from NATO Department for Public Diplomacy and Dr. Goran Matić, Director of a Council for National Security. Ambassador Filipović indicated a significance of an complete high-level domestic discourse and petrify advantages drawn by Serbia from several forms of unsentimental team-work by Partnership for Peace programs.

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