Prime Minister of a Republic of Guinea-Bissau denies that a nation has famous Kosovo

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First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic met currently Prime Minister of a Republic of Guinea-Bissau Umaro Sissoco Embaló, in Belgrade. Mr. Umaro Sissoco Embaló is on an central revisit to Serbia.

At a corner press-conference, Prime Minister of Guinea-Bissau denied that a nation had famous Kosovo, emphasizing in sold that Guinea-Bissau upheld a territorial firmness and government of Serbia.

“I have not seen a singular request concerning a approval of Kosovo”, a Prime Minister of Guinea-Bissau said.

Minister Dacic underlined that he wanted a open to hear from a Prime Minister of Guinea-Bissau himself that this state had not famous a autonomy of Kosovo and that it was though another acknowledgment of a fact that a list of countries that had famous a autonomy of Kosovo, constructed by Pristina, also contains those that had never finished so.

The Serbian Foreign Minister emphasized that Suriname and Guinea-Bissau should be crossed out from a list gathered by Pristina.

Guinea-Bissau did not support Kosovo’s acknowledgment to UNESCO and abstained when a offer was put to a opinion in 2015.

In today’s press-conference, Minister Dacic and a Prime Minister of Guinea-Bissau assessed that a dual countries were tied by a loyalty dating behind to a times of a SFRY and that a compatibility indispensable to be cherished. The collocutors concluded that it was required to foster a dual countries’ team-work and that there was copiousness of room for enhancing family during all levels, generally a dual countries’ mercantile cooperation.

Minister Dacic assessed that a revisit was a initial step to a serve consolidation and intensification of a dual countries’ domestic and mercantile ties.

Earlier today, Minister Dacic welcomed a Prime Minister of Guinea-Bissau during Nikola Tesla Airport.

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