Ambassador Filipovic and Major General Mojsilovic at the OSCE annual security review conference

Ambasador FilipovicThe delegation of the Republic of Serbia, headed by the Acting Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs for Security Policy, Ambassador Branimir Filipovic and the Assistant Defence Minister in charge of defence policy, Major General Milan Mojsilovic, participated in the Annual Security Review Conference of the OSCE, held in Vienna from 26 – 28 June.

In accordance with the decision of the Ministerial Council of December 2002, the conference is held every year and represents the most important OSCE meeting in the first politico-military dimension.

The three-day event focused on issues related to European security and exchange of views on key security challenges and the OSCE contribution in addressing them. Separate sessions were devoted to ensuring stability in the OSCE region within the context of developments in Ukraine; security- and confidence-building in the OSCE region; structural dialogue; crisis management and post-conflict rehabilitation; arms control and challenges arising from migration and trans-national threats.

Ambassador Filipovic and General Mojsilovic participated in, and made statements at, the opening of this event and at the sessions devoted to structural dialogue, arms control and challenges posed by migration and trans-national threats, especially terrorism.

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