Ambassador Filipovic in talks with UK Ministry of Defence Minister of State for a Armed Forces

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ambasador FilipovicActing Assistant Foreign Minister for Security Policy, Branimir Filipovic had talks with Mr Mark Lancaster, Minister of State for a Armed Forces during a Ministry of Defence of a United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, who was on a revisit to a Republic of Serbia.

In a talks, they exchanged views on a series of issues concerning a unfamiliar and counterclaim routine and a graduation of shared team-work between a dual countries in these areas.

The significance of compelling such team-work was underscored in sold in a context of a 180th anniversary of a investiture of tactful family between a dual countries being noted this year.

The Serbian side presented a unfamiliar routine priorities of a country, focusing in sold on a European formation process, upkeep and graduation of assent and fortitude in a region, and a growth of family with a far-reaching range of partners worldwide, in sequence to be means to serve strengthen a unfamiliar routine repute of Serbia during general level, one of a obliged and predicted partner contributing to regional, European and universe assent and stability.

Serbia’s position of troops neutrality was also emphasized as was a joining to a growth of team-work during general turn in a attempts to grasp inhabitant interests.

Both sides stressed a significance of a Berlin Process for a segment and of a arriving Summit to be hosted by a United Kingdom in this horizon subsequent year.

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