Bilateral domestic consultations between Foreign Ministries of Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina

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Bilateral domestic consultations between a Ministry of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia and a Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina during a turn of State Secretary/Deputy Minister were hold in Belgrade yesterday.

The commission of a Ministry of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia was headed by State Secretary Nemanja Stevanovic, and a commission of a Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia-Herzegovina was led by Deputy Minister Josip Brkic.

In a consultations, they discussed a shared family between a dual countries, informal cooperation, European formation process, activities in a horizon of confidence and counterclaim policy, and also a team-work between a dual Ministries.

Both sides assessed that a shared family between Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina were good, that an strong top-level domestic discourse was ongoing as good as a willingness to solve open issues in approach discussions, expressing an expectancy that a step brazen would be done in a entrance duration in a routine of last a decisive limit line. At a same time, a Republic of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina had a successful team-work during both a informal and, broader, general level.

The team-work between a dual Ministries was estimated as really good, as demonstrated by a determined use of holding unchanging shared domestic consultations semi-annually.

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