Conference on Serbia’s appearance in EU municipal missions

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Ambassador Branimir Filipovic, Acting Assistant Foreign Minister for confidence process participated in a row “Serbia and Development of a System for Participation in EU Civilian Missions and Operations”, hold within a Conference on Serbia’s Future Involvement in EU Civilian Missions orderly by a International and Security Affairs Centre (ISAC Fund).

In further to Ambassador Filipovic, a panellists enclosed Colonel Katarina Strbac, PhD, Director of Directorate for European Integration and Project Management, Defence Policy Sector, Ministry of Defence; Vladimir Ateljevic, Advisor to a Minister of European Integration and member of a Negotiating Team for Chapter 31 – Foreign, Security and Defence Policy, while a Director of ISAC Fund, Nikola Petrovic, had a purpose of moderator.

The row presented a activities carried out so far, display a high turn of inter-sectoral coordination, by a Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of European Integration and other state bodies in a context of building a authorised horizon and capacities for appearance in municipal missions, as partial of a critical activities of a Republic of Serbia in a horizon of Chapter 31 – Foreign, Security and Defence Policy, though also as a proof of Serbia’s unfamiliar process positioning as a arguable partner, prepared to share shortcoming for a upkeep of assent and fortitude during a general level.

The Conference, hold on 14-15 Dec 2017, as partial of a plan “Development of Serbia’s National Capabilities for Civilian Contributions to Peace Support Operations”, with support of a Czech Development Agency, dealt with a issues associated to building Serbia’s inhabitant capacities for municipal grant to assent support operations and municipal predicament management, focusing in sold on an research and a operation of a complement of secondment of municipal experts to EU-mandated assent missions, past practice of sold municipal experts on secondment to municipal missions, and also a formula achieved so distant by a Republic of Serbia in this field.

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