Continuous and strong domestic discourse during all levels, joined with deepening of Serbia-Slovakia mercantile cooperation

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Ivica Dacic and Ivan KorcokFirst Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic perceived currently Acting Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of a Slovak Republic Ivan Korcok.

In a considerate talks, both sides assessed a dual countries’ shared family as traditionally good and friendly. The officials emphasized that they were gratified with a strong and continual domestic discourse carried out during all levels, expressing an seductiveness for serve deepening of all forms of shared and, in particular, mercantile cooperation.

Minister Dacic voiced his thankfulness for a continued support of a Slovak Republic to a European formation of a Republic of Serbia, conveying his expectancy that this support would continue to be extended in a destiny as well. He underlined that Serbia had a quite high appreciation of a scrupulous support of Slovakia to a territorial firmness and government of a Republic of Serbia, and to anticipating a durable resolution for a emanate of Kosovo and Metohija, excusable to both sides.

Mr. Korcok, a Slovak Acting Minister of Foreign and European Affairs, conveyed willingness of a Slovak Republic to serve rise an strong communication and team-work with a Republic of Serbia in all areas. Minister Korcok was quite understanding of a intensification of mercantile team-work as good as an increasing participation of Slovak companies on a Serbian market. He voiced pleasure over a position of and diagnosis enjoyed by persons belonging to a Slovak inhabitant minority in a Republic of Serbia, relaying his expectancy that such peculiarity of a proceed towards this village would be confirmed in a future.

Minister Dacic voiced his faith that this year’s imprinting of a 100th anniversary of a investiture of tactful relations, dating behind to as early as a time of a former Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes and a former Czechoslovakia, and currently being evidenced in a really good shared family but open issues, would yield an combined procedure to a deepening of the relations.

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