Dacic: “Serbia stands ready to address issues of the past through dialogue but not insults and humiliation”

kzs -_avgustFirst Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic assessed that Croatian President Grabar Kitarovic dealt another heavy blow to Serbia.

“The President of Croatia told another plain lie by claiming that there was no Ustasha ideology or fascism in Croatia. How else can one qualify – but as Ustashi and fascist behavior, the placing of a plaque with the Ustashi salutation “For home ready”, at Jasenovac, the site of massive executions of Serbs, Jews and Roma? It is none other than Ustashi and fascist behavior when streets in many Croatian towns are named after Mile Budak, Pavelic’s Cabinet Minister, known for the doctrine suggesting that the Serb issue be resolved in such a way that a third of them be killed, a third converted to Catholicism, while a third should be expelled?

Moreover, what message is sent by the rehabilitation of Stepinac, the Ustashi army vicar who headed a commission on Catholic conversion of Serbs? What about the monument to Ustashi terrorist Barisic, who killed Ambassador Rolovic? The Croatian President speaks of Seselj, in defiance of the fact that Croatian authorities are directly involved in such wrongdoings.

Nothing like this can happen in any of the EU countries. Have you ever heard or seen any place in Germany or Austria, anyone using a Nazi salutation or a German street being named after Goering or Himmler? Therefore, how can anyone deny the presence of Ustashi behavior or fascism in Croatia?

The Croatian President wonders who Serbia is defending itself from when purchasing military aircraft, without asking herself who Croatia intends to attack with the new arrivals of launching pads. I recall that the Independent State of Croatia, a Nazi-allied Ustashi polity, had occupied a part of Serbia, stretching out to Zemun, Sabac and Novi Sad, including all of Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

Dacic further underlined that he agreed with the Croatian President on one point – that it was necessary to turn to the future. For this reason, issues from the past should be dealt with through dialogue and addressed with calm while seeking common interests.

“Serbia is ready for that, but it is not ready to be insulted and humiliated.”