Dacic: That Kosovo has enough votes to join UNESCO is a lie

21092017 dacic_izjava“Pacolli’s claim that Kosovo has enough votes to join UNESCO is a massive lie.

In all the meetings both President Vucic and I had here, we discussed this subject.

Two years ago, Pacolli was on Hashim Thaçi’s team at the UNESCO General Conference in Paris. They were not allowed to enter the hall, since they are not members, but they were both in the lobby, for they thought everything could be settled with cash.

In the same way they lost then, they will lose the next time they apply for membership.

This has to do with principles, with violating international law.

Not only have many of our friends adhered to their position, but many countries backpedaled to support Serbia. This means that the countries that used to be abstained in the last vote will now vote against the admission of “Kosovo” to UNESCO.

Incidentally, according to the procedure, the Executive Board of UNESCO will have its session in mid-October, and “Kosovo” would have to apply for membership by that time, if it wants to run for membership this year. UNESCO’s General Conference will take place in November, and the next one will be held in two years’ time.

For the time being, nothing suggests that “Kosovo” will apply this time, and I think that they are afraid of a loss. I would not recommend them to apply.

When it comes to INTERPOL, the United States and the Western sponsors of “Kosovo” are suggesting it to withdraw its application, since the admission of Palestine is on the same agenda. Because of Israel, there is a tendency that all such agenda items be postponed for one of the next General Conferences.

Moreover, the said Conference will be held in Beijing, so there is no way that “Kosovo” can get a sufficient number of votes to join INTERPOL.

These are all big lies, propaganda ploys, by means of which they want to demonstrate up to what extent, up to what dramatic extent, the situation has changed over the past few days, since Pacolli came to office.

This is all a lie, and Serbia has reinforced its position, and you will soon see what it means in practice”, Minister Dacic stated today in New York.