Dacic: “The EU offered no real answer to the anti-Serbian policy in the region”

konferencija- aprilFollowing the response by President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker to the letter of Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic pointing to the anti-Serbian policy prevailing in Croatia and the region, First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic has stated that the European Union continued to bury its head ostrich-like in the sand.

“Juncker provided no response to any of the specific issues that Vucic had raised, he failed to comment on the revival of the Fascist Ustasha-led ISC, war criminals from the most recent war being released, a monument erected to the Ustasha terrorist Baresic or on abusive language used against at the state of Serbia.

He did not even say what was it that we failed to do. I have already predicted that the EU would play deaf and dumb regarding the anti-Serbian policy. However, the EU is always ready to reprimand Serbia whenever something is not to its liking in Serbia.

This will no longer pass. We did not ask for your advice about world peace, but about the anti-Serbian policy pursued by one of your Member States, threatening peace and stability in the region.

Frankly, I was not expecting much. So, I cannot be disappointed now. Today, even small children have stopped believing in fairytales. As I indicated yesterday, as if they were Tibetan Lamas, EU representatives are philosophical about the so-called “bunch of losers” issue, i.e. the anti-Serbian policy. You have missed the point”, said Minister Dacic.