First delivery of segments for the mosaic on the dome of the Temple of Saint Sava is a confirmation of Serbia-Russia bonds of friendship and community

First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic, in his capacity as honorary co-chair of the Serbia-Russia Committee tasked with organizing the fresco painting of the interior of the Temple of Saint Sava, and the Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Veljko Odalovic, who is a member of the Commission for the reception of the mosaic, attended today the ceremony held in the Temple of Saint Sava on the occasion of the first delivery of a mosaic depicting a figure of Jesus Christ.

Head of Serbian diplomacy Ivica Dacic thanked the Russian state and Church representatives, noting that he was honoured to be attending the beginning of the realization of a venture that had long been going on.

“This shows our fellowship and unity with Russian people and state. It is important that we foster an ever-lasting brotherhood and friendship in these tumultuous times when our friends are much needed”.

Minister Dacic said that the Serbian Government had committed to provide further necessary financing for finishing the temple, which would be “the pride of our people” in the years to come.

“In a certain way, the ever-lasting friendship between Serbia and Russia will be built into this temple”, said Minister Dacic after the ceremony.

Metropolitan of the Serbian Orthodox Church Amfilohije thanked everyone who had made contributions to the Temple of Saint Sava and said that in 2019, while marking the 800th anniversary of the Serbian Orthodox Church becoming autocephalous, the Temple would be decorated and consecrated.

“It is incumbent upon us to remember today all those who have built themselves into the temple and those that will continue to do so in the future”, said the Serbian Orthodox Church Metropolitan to those who congregated in the temple, estimating that “this a confirmation of all-Slav fellowship”.

He said that the “first image which had arrived – an image of the Ascension of Christ” would be placed at a central position in the Temple of Saint Sava.

The first delivery of a mosaic presenting the figure of Jesus Christ, accompanied by a choir and church bells, was also attended by numerous church and state representatives of Serbia and Russia.