Foreign Minister Dacic on UEFA membership of Kosovo

D“Kosovo’s admission to UEFA membership is yet another warning that we are living in a world of interest politics, rather than a world of law and rules. Against this background, it is incumbent upon Serbia to be realistic and rational in facing the fact that even the UEFA Statute can be breached to enable the sponsors of Kosovo’s independence to keep their promises made to Kosovo.

It is upon us to fight for the best possible position in such a world, for new and old friends, for the identity of our own and the interests of others, including, of course, the consistency of our policy, which certainly will not make compromises on one issue: Serbia itself will not recognize Kosovo. As we have seen also today, anything other than that is possible.

What the Football Federation of Serbia can do is to resort to legal means and challenge this non-statutory decision in court. It is evident, however, that despite the fact that this decision is of a political nature, resulting from great political pressure, the effort has not been entirely fruitful, for although of 54 members only 16 have not recognized Kosovo, Serbia had 24 votes, including ten from countries which have recognized Kosovo but voted against Kosovo membership”, stated First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia Ivica Dacic.