Independent OSCE institutions commended Serbia’s Chairmanship in their conversation with OSCE CiO Dacic

OEBS -_direktori_nezavisnih_institucijaOSCE Chairman-in-Office, First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia, Ivica Dacic expressed his satisfaction over the cooperation carried out with OSCE’s independent institutions during Serbia’s Chairmanship.

Dacic stated that, as Troika member, he would continue to support their work next year.

Minister Dacic further said that he had high regard for the work of independent institutions, which should frequently balance the wishes for good bilateral relations with the participating States and the fact that their suggestions were often understood as criticism.

High Commissioner on National Minorities Astrid Thors, ODIHR Director Michael Georg Link and Representative on Freedom of the Media Dunja Mijatovic made highly positive assessments of Serbia’s OSCE Chairmanship. Link thanked representatives of Serbia’s OSCE Chairmanship for their fruitful cooperation, both in Vienna and in Belgrade. RFM Dunja Mijatovic underlined that Serbia’s attitude towards independent OSCE institutions was a roadmap of how to work with these institutions, and expressed her satisfaction at the overall cooperation with the Chairmanship.