Information on attacks and security measures in Brussels

logo ministarstvaFollowing terrorist attacks that occurred in Brussels on 22 March 2016, security measures in Belgium have been intensified and Zaventem Airport was temporarily closed.

The Crisis Centre of the Kingdom of Belgium raised the state of alert relating to the terrorist attacks to the highest (fourth) level in all of Belgium. This level assumes serious and imminent danger of terrorist attacks. The decision followed today’s blast at Zaventem Airport and in Brussels metro.

The Belgian authorities advised citizens to avoid public places (concert halls, stadiums, shopping centres) and to follow instructions released by the competent Belgian authorities.

Information on public transport operation is available at

Citizens of the Republic of Serbia intending to travel to Belgium are advised to take additional precaution and follow the information concerning the security situation.

The Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Brussels is keeping abreast of the current situation and the relevant information released, offering advice at telephone numbers: +322/647-2652, 647-5781m 649-6545, 649-8349; e-mail:
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and web site: