Intensification of high and top-level domestic discourse contributing almost to a altogether growth of Serbia-Republic of Korea relations

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Nemanja StevanovicState Secretary of a Ministry of Foreign Affairs Nemanja Stevanovic met on 4 Dec with a commission of a Ministry of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Korea, headed by Vice Foreign Minister Cho Hyun.

Both sides found that a family between a dual countries were good with substantial intensity for serve promotion, quite in a margin of mercantile cooperation.

It was remarkable that a intensification of high- and top-level domestic discourse would minister almost to a altogether growth of relations, characterized by a certain trend in a past years. State Secretary Stevanovic was invited to compensate a revisit to a Republic of Korea, while a Serbian side steady a invitation to classify domestic consultations between a dual Foreign Ministries in Belgrade.

State Secretary Stevanovic underlined in sold a need to foster trade team-work and revoke a vast necessity in trade in products on a Serbian side.

They assessed as a certain growth Korean investments done so distant in Serbia, observant a Jura Corporation as an glorious example. The Serbian side welcomed a Korean side announcing uninformed investments in Serbian mercantile potential.

State Secretary Stevanovic sensitive a Korean side in fact about a prospects for appearance in projects and a privatization routine in a Republic of Serbia, in a fields of infrastructure, energy, transport, mining, etc.

The officials remarkable good prospects for a growth of team-work in a sectors of IT, curative and chemical industries.

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