Knjaz Milos Company sponsors the organization of the 22nd OSCE Ministerial Council

knjaz milos_-_ugovorActing Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Veljko Odalovic and Executive Director of the Knjaz Milos Company Milos Stojisavljevic signed a contract on the company’s donation for the 22nd OSCE Ministerial Council to be held on 3-4 December in Belgrade.

On this occasion, Secretary General Odalovic pointed out that Serbia had undertaken a very important and responsible political event at the state level.

“At a very important political and security moment, Serbia will host a meeting bringing together more than 40 Foreign Ministers and senior representatives”, said Odalovic adding that it was “a confirmation of the breadth and significance of the event”.

Odalovic said that the most challenging segment of the preparations for organizing the OSCE Ministerial Council was to provide adequate premises meeting the standards of this Organization, adding that to this end the Belgrade Arena, intended for sports and cultural events, was transformed into a conference center, which took several months of intensive work.

He was grateful to Knjaz Milos Company for their support and understanding, expressing the hope that the donation agreement would be “not only a beginning but a continuation of the cooperation between the company and state authorities”.

The Executive Director of Knjaz Milos Company was pleased that the company would be a partner of the 22nd OSCE Ministerial Council.

“I am proud because Knjaz Milos, one of the oldest Serbian companies, has the opportunity to show that Serbia is not only a good organizer, but also a traditionally good host”.