Meeting of National Coordinators for Outstanding Issues between Serbia and Croatia

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A assembly of National Coordinators tasked with superb issues between Serbia and Croatia – Mr. Nemanja Stevanovic, State Secretary during a Ministry of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia, and Mr. Boris Grigic, Assistant Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of a Republic of Croatia, was hold currently in Belgrade.

The assembly was organised with a aim of enlivening a widespread corner committees for superb issues relating to a conditions of minorities, state border, blank persons, compensation of informative heritage, a right to remuneration of pensions and other issues, to work some-more effectively.

Both sides concluded that a allotment of superb issues was of vital significance for both countries’ adults and for a encouragement of altogether shared relations, therefore emphasizing a need to feature activities and discharge stand-off in a work of certain corner committees.

A energetic of destiny meetings of a dual countries’ National Coordinators, directed during postulated monitoring of a activities carried out by corner committees, has been determined in a meeting.

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