Meeting of the Standing Joint Committee for succession issues

msp zgradaThe 4th meeting of the Standing Joint Committee, established under Article 4 of the Agreement on Succession Issues, was held in Sarajevo, on 11-12 November 2015.

Implementation of the Agreement was reviewed by the meeting, and five recommendations adopted. The recommendations affecting the Serbian companies and citizens most are those covered by Annex G to the Agreement, guaranteeing the protection of property rights, equal treatment in the area of occupancy rights and the protection of other vested interests. The Standing Joint Committee noted that the application of Annex G was insufficiently effective, and hence it recommended to the interested successor states to enter into bilateral agreements for the purpose of implementing Annex G, and to refrain from adopting or taking action in contravention of the rules envisaged in Annex G, and to adopt, should they deem it necessary, the measures intended to enable the effective application of Annex G standards. Besides, recommendations were adopted to launch the work of the Joint Committee for Annex A, concerning the distribution of diplomatic and consular property, division of debts of the former SFRY, and the realization of the previously made decisions in respect of the archives of SFRY and their digitalization.

Despite the differences which arose between the delegations of successor states in the light of their approach to the Agreement, the 4th Meeting of the Standing Joint Committee evolved in a constructive atmosphere.