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Branimir ilipovicThe commission of a Ministry of Foreign Affairs headed by Acting Assistant Minister for Security Policy Ambassador Branimir Filipovic, participated in an spectator standing in a Ministerial Meeting of a US-Adriatic Charter (A5), hold on 12 and 13 Dec in Skopje.

The meeting, hold during a turn of Foreign Ministers, represents a latest in a array of meetings hosted by Macedonia as a stream Chairman of this informal confidence initiative. Montenegro will assume Chairmanship of a US-Adriatic Charter subsequent year.

Within a categorical bulletin object – destiny activities in a context of a special assembly between a leaders of a A5 members and observers hold in Aug this year in Podgorica, with a appearance of US Vice President and Prime Ministers of a Western Balkan countries, a participants focused on a domestic and confidence conditions in a segment of South Eastern Europe, strengthening of informal team-work and stream confidence hurdles confronting A5 members and observers.

Ambassador Filipovic forked to Serbia’s grant to a refuge and graduation of informal assent and stability, a joining to full EU membership and a fact that Serbia has been famous during a general stage as a upholder of informal fortitude due to a inner fortitude and a transparent unfamiliar routine position of a arguable partner committed to team-work and pity shortcoming for regional, European and tellurian assent and security.

He emphasized that Serbia, move from a inhabitant interests and troops neutrality, grown team-work with NATO by Partnership for Peace programme, that is also of significance to informal fortitude though that this team-work did not meddle with Serbia’s team-work with other partners globally, i.e. that this team-work did not mistreat Serbia’s team-work with NATO. He emphasized in sold a positions per Kosovo and Metohija, above all a support to a KFOR charge and a purpose in a Province, joining to discourse between Belgrade and Pristina and an needed that all that had been concluded on be implemented, that Serbia had finished for a part. He forked out that uneven acts and disaster to honour a agreements severely undermined this routine and a investiture of confidence-building.

Ambassador Filipovic indicated that Serbia paid tighten courtesy to a A5 activities and actively participated in a formats as spectator in an bid to make pinnacle grant to informal confidence by this informal beginning as well.

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