Minister Dacic and French Senator Cadic on Serbia – France bilateral relations

Ivica Dacic and Olivier CadicFirst Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic received today member of the Foreign Relations Committee of the French Republic Senate Olivier Cadic.

Minister Dacic noted the apparent progress made in the intensification of political dialogue and enhancement of bilateral cooperation in the economic field in the past year, that is, since the visit of Olivier Cadic last November. Dacic expressed his expectation that cooperation between Serbia and France would be further improved following the visit to Serbia by the French President.

Recalling that Serbia and France are strategic partners and historical allies, the Serbian Foreign Minister expressed his satisfaction over the fact that Serbia and France were not only marking the centenary of their friendship this year, but would also be marking the 180th anniversary of the establishment of their diplomatic relations next year. Minister Dacic further extended his gratitude to France for supporting Serbia on its European integration path.

Senator Cadic conveyed his personal satisfaction over the enhancement of bilateral relations between the two countries and confirmed the historical friendship between the two peoples. He expressed his hope that Serbia would very soon become a member of the European Union, noting the exceptional contribution Serbia had made in the areas of global and regional importance such as migration management, participation in peace missions and the fight against organized crime.