Minister Dacic and Secretary General of the Nordic Council Høybråten discuss regional cooperation

First Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic met today with the Secretary General of the Nordic Council, Mr. Dagfinn Høybråten, who is visiting Serbia.

Minister Dacic pointed out that the Nordic model of cooperation was a unique example of strong regional cooperation and that its experience could serve as an example to the Western Balkan states to connect as Nordic states, at least in certain segments. He emphasized that Serbia’s key priority was affirmation of regional cooperation and good-neighbourly policy which was why it initiated additional strengthening and improved economic ties among the regional states.

Secretary General Dagfinn Høybråten thanked for the cordial talks and stated that during his visit to Serbia he was able to see that there were more similarities between the Western Balkans and the Nordic region than he had previously thought. Speaking of the positive experience of Nordic cooperation in the context of regional cooperation in the Balkans, he pointed to the importance of building the relations of trust and identifying potential areas for cooperation.