Minister Dacic during a 39th event of a General Conference of UNESCO

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UNESCO 2017Statement by a First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic during a General Debate of a 39th event of a General Conference of a United National Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization – UNESCO:

“Mr. President of a General Conference,

Mr. President of a Executive Board,

Director General,


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Allow me during a outset, Mr. President, to honour we on your choosing to this high bureau wishing we a lot of success in a liberate of these obliged duties. we would also like to take this event to appreciate your predecessor, Mr. Stanley Mutumba Simataa, for his dedicated and rarely successful grant over a past dual years. We also owe a thankfulness and appreciation to Mrs. Irina Bokova, who will shortly be relinquishing her post of Director General after 8 years in office, for a obliged and fit demeanour in that she conducted a affairs of a Organization during many severe times.

The Republic of Serbia stays committed to a position that as an classification with a 72-year prolonged story UNESCO is currently maybe even some-more applicable than ever. Its singular imagination joined with integrity of a Organization’s Member States to take a vital step brazen towards retreat of general assent and confidence by team-work in a fields of culture, education, scholarship and security, reaffirms UNESCO’s eminent mission. As always in a past, a Republic of Serbia stands prepared to minister constructively and in tighten team-work with other UNESCO Member States to a graduation of a Organization’s efficiency.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As a stream member of a Executive Board, a Republic of Serbia stays committed, along with other UNESCO Member States, to creation continued efforts to grasp manifest and tolerable formula in a doing of a 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Even some-more so, given UNESCO is obliged for during slightest 9 Sustainable Development Goals. By implementing a broadly recognised programs with a civilizational dimension, UNESCO creates an useful grant to a graduation of assent and swell of all mankind. Serbia supports a activities UNESCO is carrying out in a context of a doing of Sustainable Development Goal No. 4 in education, one of a some-more fast priorities of a Organization. We quite support a efforts of a Organization to additionally urge opportunities for preparation of refugees and internally replaced persons. Affected by inauspicious consequences of a large migrant call itself, a Republic of Serbia has invested outrageous efforts to accommodate a needs of a many exposed shred of a migrant race anticipating retreat in a country, display during a same time a high turn of oneness with and consolation for them.

Aware that stupidity breeds prejudice, that change leads to conflicts, that is because special courtesy should be paid to preparation as a apparatus for impediment of all forms of extremism, endangering not usually preparation though also informative farrago and gender equality. UNESCO should continue to concentration on a quarrel for leisure of suspicion and expression, generally in a media, ensuring reserve for reporters as an indivisible partial of that freedom.

I would like to indicate out that a Republic of Serbia is committed to corner and unchanging quarrel opposite all forms of assault and extremism in general relations, that is because UNESCO has an vicious purpose to play given a devout and element values that this Organizations stands for are targeted by aroused extremism, including a militant forms. We therefore cruise that special courtesy should be given to anticipating suitable and fit methods for a insurance of profitable informative birthright that belongs to all mankind. To that end, we are prepared to be actively concerned in all projects and petrify activities.

Recognizing a fact that a emanate of insurance of informative birthright in war-torn areas stays one of a many accepted issues confronting UNESCO, we support a graduation of doing of a general horizon existent in this field. The Republic of Serbia welcomes inclusion of enlightenment in a Development Agenda and adoption of UN Security Council fortitude 2347/2017 that places a emanate of a insurance of informative birthright in a forefront of activities of general organizations and a general community. It is a corner requirement to strengthen and safety universe birthright for generations to come. The comfortless instance of Serbia’s informative and devout birthright in Kosovo and Metohija is explanation how vicious is a purpose of UNESCO and a support in a insurance and retreat of heritage, quite during many vicious moments. Serbian Gothic monasteries in Kosovo and Metohija, 4 gems of Serbian Gothic design of judgment value, stamped on a List of World Heritage in Danger, have been recorded overdue to a efforts of UNESCO. Serbian historical, informative and eremite birthright in Kosovo and Metohija is of infinite significance not usually for a inhabitant temperament of Serbia though also as a partial of a profitable European and universe birthright that needs additional protection.

Sadly, in a past few years, UNESCO itself has been confronting many hurdles as an classification that severely impedes a activity in a areas of a responsibility. Serbia calls for de-politicizing UNESCO, given a rising trend of a politicization has threatened a core values a Organization’s judgment is formed upon, so severely undermining a repute and change in a world. UNESCO needs to offer as a common prophesy of a improved universe and we trust that a solidary proceed taken by all of a Member States as good as corner efforts play a wilful purpose in this regard.

Ladies and gentlemen,

I would like to underline a continual joining of a Republic of Serbia to unchanging confluence to a UNESCO Constitution and an proceed formed on discourse and accord rather than on unilateralism, in a seductiveness of compelling assent and confidence by a strengthening of team-work within a pivotal areas of UNESCO’s competence. The core beliefs of UNESCO, grounded also in a UN Charter and UNESCO Constitution, need to be entirely reputable with no exceptions, for usually in this approach can we say a existent unfamiliar family complement as good as a judgment impression of  general law.

For this really reason, we would like to highlight once again that a Republic of Serbia will continue a joining opposite politicization and new divisions, tensions and fight within UNESCO itself, as was a box dual years ago when an try was done during a domestic confirmation of a non-state entity.

Finally, concede me to honour Ms. Audrey Azoulay on her choosing as a new Director-General of UNESCO. we truly trust that a successful team-work between a Republic of Serbia and UNESCO will continue during her tenure of bureau as well, and that Ms. Audrey Azoulay, as a claimant with immeasurable veteran knowledge in a spheres of enlightenment and information during both inhabitant and general levels, will attain in anticipating solutions to countless hurdles confronting UNESCO as good as in compelling a activity of a Organization as a whole.

Rest positive that a Republic of Serbia will sojourn a convincing and arguable partner of UNESCO in a efforts directed during strengthening all-inclusiveness and clarity within a Organization and a remodel stairs reflecting a suggestion of a times and existence of a complicated world, while reinforcing a vital goals of a Organization.

Thank we for your attention.”

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