Minister Dacic during a International Parliamentary Conference “Idea of a European Union, a trail to assent and development”

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Ivica DacicStatement by First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic during a Panel “European confidence – attribute between NATO, EU and a Russian Federation” during a International Parliamentary Conference “Idea of a European Union, a trail to assent and development”, hold in Belgrade, from 11-12 May:

“Distinguished Conference participants,
Ladies and gentlemen,

It is my honour and pleasure to residence this row clinging to European security.

The thesis of a Conference “Idea of a European Union, a trail to assent and development” reminds us of an critical fact that a European Union was combined as a good assent project, forming a purpose indication of a tip turn of formation reached in complicated domestic history, enabling long-term settlement among European peoples and countries of opposite political, confidence and informative heritage. It is undoubtable that a times have altered given a investiture of a initial form of European integration, that developed from a European village to a European Union. We are witnessing new challenges, accelerated globalization and technological growth in all spheres of life and increasing mercantile integration, fundamentally bringing along some differences within a European Union framework.

Serbia and other Western Balkan countries are endeavouring to adjust to these resources and a sustaining changes, while parallel posterior – in suitability with their possess potentials and capacities – their particular European paths, directed not usually during appropriation EU membership, though implementing a compulsory reforms modernizing a amicable systems of a informal countries, lenient them to yield for their people all aspects of wealth and amicable justice, underneath an indispensable condition of ensuring durable and long-term assent and stability.

Serbia has always believed in and strived for peace, dialogue, equality, amicable amiability and tellurian dignity, unequivocally contributing to a growth of a protected and moneyed environment. As an EU claimant state, Serbia has entirely contributed by posterior a obliged policy, to a encouragement of fortitude and confidence in this partial of a European territory, that is unusually critical to European security.

The EU Enlargement Strategy additionally encourages Serbia to urge and step-up a efforts towards remodel of a state and society.

Serbia has been following attentively a activities undertaken by EU institutions in a routine of scheming a Global Strategy on a EU’s Foreign and Security Policy, and welcomes a adoption wholeheartedly, in a faith that it is an suitable proceed to respond to stream confidence threats and challenges. We were quite speedy by a fact that a EU’s Global Strategy clearly underlines that EU fortitude and confidence depend, inter alia, on a fortitude in a Balkans, and that a convincing EU boost routine is an investment in European confidence and prosperity. Serbia has famous and reputable these European efforts. Serbia has instituted alteration of inhabitant papers in confidence and counterclaim areas, i.e. a National Security Strategy and a Defence Strategy, that are now a theme of open debate. The essential commitments running us in a routine enclosed an integrated proceed to security, infantry neutrality and EU membership. It is a loyal enterprise to align a critical documents, as quickly and effectively as possible, with a pronounced Global Strategy for a EU, while endeavouring parallel to strengthen a critical inhabitant interests in a best probable way, that is positively a design of each nation adopting such strategies.

Serbia has also been following seriously, with due attention, all a initiatives launched by a European Union to a outcome of strengthening a Common Security and Defence Policy, reflected in a adoption of papers including a European Defence Action Plan, European Defence Fund, Coordinated Annual Review on Defence, and quite a Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO). All these projects and initiatives are rarely critical to Serbia too, as it wishes to join them as shortly as conditions are met. It is on a EU to establish a intensity modalities to that end, while Serbia stands open to talks and probable engagements in this globe of European policies, as it has formerly assimilated many European routine concepts in a Common European and Defence Policy area, so demonstrating consistence in a fasten to Europe, willingness to share duties and responsibilities in confronting confidence challenges, and contributing to permanent fortitude and confidence of a European space, that is an essential condition for any progress.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Serbia has a loyal enterprise to swell on a European trail and minister to a graduation of assent and confidence in Europe. we trust that we will share my perspective that Negotiation Chapter 31 – Foreign, Security and Defence Policy is too mostly reduced usually to a emanate of fixing with EU decisions and declarations, while Serbia’s countless efforts, activities and achievements in other areas enclosed in this Chapter are unjustifiably and unjustly side-tracked, a explanation of that are specific formula that we had an event to plead during many identical meetings where we participated. However, it is not remaining to make a brief anxiety to them, once again. In serve to Serbia’s appearance in 6 UN peacekeeping missions, a appearance in 4 EU multinational operations (in Mali, Central African Republic, and dual operations in Somalia) indicates that Serbia is a convincing partner, pity shortcoming and creation a grant to a refuge of assent and security. According to statistical indicators and a array of troops, Serbia is among a tip countries in Europe and a personality in a region, while it is ranking high within a tellurian frameworks. A serve grant will be done by promulgation a polite structures to join multinational operations, on that we have been operative tough by providing a compulsory authorised and institutional frameworks. Specifically, a Action Plan for building capacities for promulgation civilians to join multinational operations has entered a Government publicity procedure, a few days ago. May we remember that Serbia is usually one out of 4 non-EU Member States that have sealed a executive arrangement with a European Defence Agency. Serbia has also assimilated a HELBROC Battlegroup, that will minister to compelling team-work not usually with a EU, though with a other member countries of this initiative, as well. Last November, we sent a inhabitant relationship officer to a EU Military Headquarters, that is a good honour for a country, deliberation that among non-EU Member States, a payoff has also been postulated usually to a United States. We see this as approval of Serbia’s activities and appearance in a EU Common Security and Defence Policy, though also as a outcome of a mutual comment that this will minister to serve strengthening of a team-work and some-more effective communication.

The position of Serbia in a graduation of informal fortitude and a grant to a informal team-work on common and multilateral turn are quite critical for a altogether confidence in Europe. Wishing to proceed any superb issues in a obliged proceed with everybody in a region, while seeking concede solutions that would be tolerable in a prolonged term, Serbia invariably triggers topics for a destiny of seductiveness for a whole region, to make it some-more appealing for intensity investors and to boost trade, sustaining during a same time in ancillary projects, both in infrastructure and other sectors, going over inhabitant borders and representing an investment for a destiny and a basement for mercantile and other prosperity, as good as for durability confidence and fortitude in a region, though that a European confidence will not be finish and dull up. It is accurately in these fields that Serbia shows a friendship to a values common by a people of Europe: presumption shortcoming in a horizon of CSDP policies, concerning European and tellurian assent and stability, as good as actively participating in a possess village by a routine of team-work and settlement compelling fortitude and opportunities for prosperity, not usually of a possess adults though also those in a neighbourhood. The emanate of connectivity should overcome over issues of subdivision and isolation, creation all actors grow detached and preventing them from strengthening bargain and building trust.
Distinguished discussion participants,
I trust that a normalization of family between NATO and a EU, on a one hand, and a Russian Federation, on a other hand, is really important, given it is a exigency for stability, including for a mercantile and any other swell in Europe and a world. Through cultivatable sell of opinions, this form of events can minister to anticipating opposite ways to unfreeze family between a vital stability-makers in a world.
As a small, though unapproachable country, that was put to a exam many times in a history, though always true to a beliefs of leisure and justice, Serbia wishes to strengthen a possess inhabitant interests in a best probable way, and during a same time be a cause that contributes to regional, European, though also tellurian assent and prosperity, within a boundary of a capacities. Serbia wishes to rise family with all absolute factors of a universe politics, thereby creation a possess confidence sustainable, though during a same time assisting grasp assent and confidence in a Western Balkans region, as a evident neighbourhood.
Serbia pursues a routine of infantry neutrality and does not intend to turn a member of a existent infantry alliances. On this basement it cooperates with NATO as a partner state by a Partnership for Peace programme. Military neutrality is not an barrier to a growth of partner team-work in a seductiveness of strengthening global, and generally informal security. On a other hand, Serbia maintains a pure team-work with a Russian Federation, that does not mistreat a team-work with a Alliance and clamp versa, nor is it an barrier to attaining a critical unfamiliar routine idea – fasten a EU, that was demonstrated in use as good – namely, Serbia takes partial in infantry exercises with NATO and a member states, though also with a Russian Federation and other states, given in this proceed it can best do a inhabitant interests.
I trust that good family between Russia and NATO are essential for assent and confidence in a universe and for successfully responding to tellurian hurdles and threats, such as terrorism, aroused extremism, radicalization and any other form of contemporary confidence challenges.
As regards informal stability, detached from building team-work with a many absolute factors of a universe politics, a Republic of Serbia, as a obliged member of a general community, started with what it can make a many poignant grant to. In a context of active fasten to encourage and say good amicable family and solve any issues by open and honest dialogue, we have launched initiatives on many occasions aiming during a stronger tie of a region, generally in a margin of economy.
For Serbia, a emanate of Kosovo and Metohija is essential for informal security, though also for confidence over Europe. The conditions in a Province is a biggest domestic confidence plea for Serbia, though on a other palm this conditions brings a array of confidence threats, concerning essentially a array of unsuitable uneven acts of Pristina and disaster to exercise what has been concluded by a Brussels Agreement, that causes mistreat to a discourse between Belgrade and Pristina; orderly crime and terrorism, as good as decrease of a confidence conditions in a Province. Serbia does not commend a unilaterally announced autonomy of Kosovo, though wishes to strech a resolution for a emanate of Serbian-Albanian family by compromise, during a same time display willingness to control a status-neutral discourse between Belgrade and Pristina in sequence to solve petrify issues of seductiveness for a adults who live in a Province. It is accurately this position of Serbia that confirms a contributions to a refuge of informal assent and fortitude and deterrence of conflicts.
It is with low self-assurance that we wish to acknowledge on this arise that Serbia has turn an critical cause – a source of confidence and fortitude in a Western Balkans and a arguable partner to anyone who wants partnership. Such course is a matter of element and we work invariably on a realization, though during a same time we design other parties to follow a same approach.
Thank we for your attention.”

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