Minister Dacic attended the Ministerial Meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement

Minister Dacic attended the Ministerial Meeting of the Non-Aligned  MovementMr. Chairman,
Dear Friends,

It is my great pleasure to attend the Ministerial Meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement. My participation in today’s New York Meeting on behalf of Serbia comes at the heels of a string of the meetings the Movement has held in recent years.

I also thank friendly Venezuela for organizing this Meeting.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

My country is proud of the role the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia played in the establishment of the Non-Aligned Movement. Serbia, one of Yugoslavia’s successor States, strives to develop relations with the members of the Non-Aligned Movement also in the present-day world and continues to foster close bonds of friendship with their peoples. The Movement’s goals and principles are just as valid today as they were in the past, especially in respect of the need to strengthen multilateralism and the role of the United Nations. This is the all-important message of our Meeting today, all the more so as we continue to confront numerous challenges and inter-connected crises with worldwide consequences, which calls for joint global responses.

The purposes and principles of the United Nations, enshrined in its Charter, are the main pillars of our struggle for peace and a better world. Sovereign equality of States, refrain from the threat or use of force, non-interference in the internal affairs of other States, respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity, settlement of disputes by peaceful means and respect for diversity underpinned our efforts in the past, just as they do today as we face far-reaching international changes and strive to achieve our basic and most important goal: peace in the world.

We firmly believed that multilateralism is the only path that leads to progress in a world of ever greater interdependence. We also believe that the promotion of the culture of peace and dialogue and the policy of compromise and peaceful coexistence among peoples are the right way to achieve concrete results. Complex conflicts and extremism on the rise that we confront today call on us to strengthen United Nations capacities and work together to create preconditions for sustainable peace and development.

We are well aware of the role played by the Movement and appreciate the consistent efforts it has made to ensure respect for international law and its principles, in particular those of sovereignty and territorial integrity of States and non-interference in their internal affairs. Today, the Movement plays an important role in the process of democratization of international relations and in addressing political, economic, social, cultural and humanitarian issues. Of particular importance are the activities of the Movement in the continuous struggle for equality of States and the promotion of their diverse interests, including the quest for concrete solutions to socio-economic challenges of the developing countries.

The adoption of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is an historic event; this comprehensive vision of global development is a unique opportunity for us to bring about a better future to humankind. Naturally, the Non-Aligned Movement shares this vision and has Serbia in its corner in the pursuit of that goal.

Dear Friends,

Reaching a political solution for Kosovo and Metohija is the national priority of my country. By defending its sovereignty and territorial integrity, Serbia is defending international law, United Nations Charter and international peace and security at the same time. We are fully committed to peace and the dialogue conducted between Belgrade and Priština with the facilitation of the European Union, as well as to the implementation of its agreements. Our policy is responsible as we strive to protect the interests of our people and promote regional peace and stability.

Esteemed Colleagues,

Since 2010, the Government of my country has successfully implemented the World in Serbia project in an effort to strengthen relations with the members of the Non-Aligned Movement. The project includes programmes designed to sponsor young men and women from the member and observer States of the Non-aligned Movement and develop in that way the bonds of friendship among our peoples and build a better future for us all.

Dear Friends,

Lest you ever doubt, let me reassure you that you can always count on the friendship, goodwill and partnership of Serbia and my personal support.

Thank you.