Minister Dacic attending a OSCE Ministerial Council

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Statement by H. E. Ivica Dacic, First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia during a 24th Ministerial Council of a OSCE in Vienna:

“Distinguished Chairperson-in-Office Minister Kurz,

Your Excellencies,

Dear Colleagues,

Allow me to start by expressing a appreciation to a Austrian Chairmanship and a Chairperson-in-Office, Minister Sebastian Kurz, for their untiring efforts over a past year and for hosting us here in a smashing city of Vienna.

Throughout a story of this Organization, we have been operative tough in a endeavors to overcome a differences and to jointly face both a existent and rising threats to a common security. Despite a fact that those threats have turn some-more critical in a past few years, we are regrettably witnessing rising distrust and a miss of discourse among participating States.

It is unfortunate, during slightest in my personal view, that there is small loyal discourse and co-operation left in a Organization, yet a hurdles we are confronting need both obligatory and courteous responses. At a time when it is formidable to expect a destiny it is transparent that domestic will is required to strengthen discourse and mutual rendezvous as a usually trail to restoring trust and seeking solutions to de-escalate stream tensions. The OSCE can do a purpose usually if a participating States feel that a Organization contributes to a confidence of a segment for a advantage of all a citizens. This can be achieved usually by respecting a intergovernmental and consensus-based inlet of a OSCE. In sequence for a OSCE to perform better, we need to clearly dedicate to strengthening a Organization and a capacities on a basement of mutual honour of all participating States. Preserving a ability and prominence of a OSCE will be essential in these efforts. If this is a common aim, accord over this proceed should not be formidable to reach. Let me assure we that Serbia stays intentionally committed to work with other participating States to safeguard feat of this goal.

Mr. Chairperson,

Being deeply wakeful of a confidence risks and hurdles in a OSCE region, Serbia is entirely committed to a active and suggestive FSC Chairmanship in a final Trimester of this year, given a Forum continues to benefaction profitable opportunities for discourse and contention on a many dire confidence issues and on a domestic and troops commitments. Therefore, we focused on strengthening a discuss on politico-military confidence by providing a forum for negotiations and consultations on troops confidence and fortitude in a OSCE area.

Mr. Chairperson,

The predicament in and around Ukraine is fortitude in annoy of all a efforts directed during putting an finish to it. At a same time, we are deeply endangered about continual impediments to a leisure of movement, visit danger and attacks on a monitors and skill of a OSCE, that resulted inter alia in a comfortless genocide of a SMM paramedic on 23 April. All sides are called on to entirely and completely honour a cease-fire, finish all hostilities and exercise a supplies of a Minsk Agreements, including a verifiable and durability withdrawal of complicated weapons.

Serbia continues to support a work of a Special Monitoring Mission in Ukraine that is a many manifest component of a OSCE response to this crisis, as good as all other constructive efforts directed during anticipating a pacific fortitude of a predicament with full honour of OSCE principles.

Fighting terrorism stays during a tip of a agenda. The participating States have on several occasions intentionally and completely cursed acts of terrorism and validated their integrity to fight it in all a forms and manifestations.

We should not forget possibly that, in a final 3 years, we have been faced with rare hurdles acted by a migrant/refugee crisis, even yet they seem to be solemnly diminishing. Still, many of a countries are confronting a hurdles ensuing from a emigration crisis. Over a past dual years some-more than 900.000 refugees and migrants transited by Serbia. We have demonstrated a oneness and humanity, in line with a top general standards. Having that in mind, we entirely support a intentions of a incoming Italian Chairmanship to tackle a emanate of migration, a intensity solutions as good as confidence risks.

In that regard, we support a priorities of a Austrian Chairmanship of a OSCE and wish that we will strech accord on a due MC Decisions and Declarations. These papers paint a core of a OSCE and they simulate a stream state of affairs in a region, that is because we all need to join army to uncover that critical agreements are reachable. Serbia’s idea is to turn a long-term certain writer to confidence in Europe, and we are prepared to work together on advancing a altogether goals of confidence and team-work among individuals, communities, peoples and participating States of a OSCE and a partners. We are truly committed to a delay of a European path, good friendly family and alleviation of informal stability, as good as serve strengthening of a economies. We are entirely clinging to a EU-led discourse with Priština and to a doing of all agreements reached so far, in sold on a prolonged awaited investiture of a Community of Serb Municipalities. We trust that an open and honest discourse is a usually approach to urge a bland lives of a people vital in Kosovo and Metohija. For this reason, it is many critical that a OSCE should sojourn a neutral and arguable partner.

Mr. Chairperson,

In conclusion, concede me to demonstrate my frank appreciation to a Austrian Chairmanship and quite to a Chairperson-in-Office, Minister Sebastian Kurz, for their means superintendence over this year. we would also like to tenderly acquire and oath a full support to a incoming Italian Chairmanship.

Thank you, Mr. Chairperson.”

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