Minister Dacic attends La Francophonie Ministerial Conference in Paris

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Ivica DacicFirst Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic participated currently in a 34th event of a International Organization of La Francophonie Ministerial Conference, holding place in Paris on 25-26 November.

On a fringes of a meeting, a Serbian Foreign Minister had talks with countless Ministers of Foreign Affairs of both Member States and Observers of a Permanent Council of La Francophonie.

In a talks with his collocutors, Minister Dacic discussed topics of mutual interest, with sold importance on a many critical unfamiliar process priorities of a Republic of Serbia, honour of general law and a element of territorial integrity. In all his meetings, a Minister put highlight on a prerequisite to urge mercantile team-work between a Republic of Serbia and a countries with whose member Minister Dacic hold talks.

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