Minister Dacic attends the OSCE Mediterranean Conference in Malaga

Ivica Dacic - OSCE - MalagaFirst Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic attended the OSCE Mediterranean Conference on cooperation between the OSCE participating states and the Mediterranean partners in the areas of energy and environmental protection.

The conference was held in Malaga and gathered key experts in energy and public and private sectors, on both sides of the Mediterranean, to discuss policies, develop strategies and recognize business opportunities.

Minister Dacic expressed pleasure that the focus of this year’s Mediterranean Conference was on finding ways and means to use energy as leverage for the promotion of economic growth and international cooperation in the Mediterranean region.

It was pointed out that the development of clean technologies and renewable energy technologies could create new opportunities and that renewable energy today represents key solution for the challenges of energy supply, security and climate change.

It was underlined in particular that the security in Europe was closely related to security in the Mediterranean as a whole, while the issues of economy, energy and the environment are increasingly important factors in the Euro-Mediterranean security equation.