Minister Dacic condemns the desecration of the Temple of Christ the Saviour

DFirst Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic denounced the latest desecration of the Temple of Christ the Saviour in Pristina.

“This is yet another reflection of hatred of Serbian people and their sacred places.

The so-called Kosovo authorities had been meticulously digging around the Temple for weeks prior to the incident, hoping to establish a link between the Serbian Church and war crimes and failing that, they attempted to destroy it by setting fire to it.

Pristina is unfortunately the most glaring example of the ethnic cleansing of Serbs today, considering that out of 40,000 Serbs who lived there 30 years ago, only several hundred still remain. This fact belies the falsehoods that Kosovan Albanians spread about alleged war crimes against them, and this is the reason why they now want to obliterate any trace of Serbian people in Pristina by pulling down the Temple. This is an indicator of how much Serbia was right when it objected to Kosovo’s bid to join UNESCO. Those who destroy, burn and desecrate Serbian churches cannot be their custodians. Presumably, even the countries that backed Kosovo to join UNESCO can see it now — perhaps they realise who they wanted to entrust with the protection of Serbian heritage in Kosovo and Metohija.”