Minister Dacic holds a lecture at the Faculty of Political Science

dacic -_fpnFirst Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic held a lecture on “Position of Serbia in International Relations” today, at the Faculty of Political Science.

Addressing the students, Minister said that the former President-for life of the SFRY Josip Broz Tito was the best brand Serbia and the Balkans had to offer.

“I am not mourning over Tito, I am mourning in regret of Serbia’s international role no longer being one enjoying such respect”, said Dacic.

“Following years of confusion Serbia has realized that it is entitled to having interests as a country, one being to strengthen its position in the international arena”, said the Head of Serbian diplomacy, adding that this implied resetting of relations with major world powers.

“Our country is in need of a plan, a vision of the country’s and its people’s place in the world a hundred years from now”, he said.

“For leadership of a small country it is essential to have an awareness of the country’s place in the world”, said the Minister, adding that small nations are frequently subject to the influence of major powers.

“We must look for at least the lowest common denominator shared by Serbian interests with those of major powers”.

After years of confusion and reveries of various followers, he emphasized, Serbia realized it had the right to its own interests and plans.

Ahead of the 20th anniversary of the Dayton Accords and regarding certain demands for its revision, Dacic said that Serbia respected the territorial integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina, that it would respect any agreement among the three peoples, but refused to accept any force imposed through overruling of the majority.

“Our interest is peace”, he stressed.

Referring to the issue of sanctions against Russia, the Head of Serbian diplomacy reiterated that Serbia would not impose sanctions on that country “because it is not in our interest”.

On the other hand, Serbia had clearly stated that its key interest was EU membership, the Minister said, emphasizing that, in a secretive world, one should play with open cards.

“Serbia must proceed towards its goal, with a clear mind, and free of illusions and myths of its own importance, fully aware of its national interests”, he underscored.

“With a strong Serbia, all the rest will be easy”, said Dacic, explaining that an improved position of a country in the international context facilitates the finding of solutions to other problems.

The country, as he stated, should look for allies in the international arena.

“What we need are victories, and not battles doomed to failure in advance, we should not celebrate losses, but victories”, Dacic concluded