Minister Dacic non-stop Second Conference of Honorary Consuls

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Address by FDPM/MFA Ivica Dačić during a Second Conference of Honorary Consuls of a Republic of Serbia hold currently during a Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

“Esteemed titular consuls of a Republic of Serbia,
Distinguished guests,
Ladies and gentlemen,

It is my honour and pleasure to acquire we – on seductiveness of a Government of a Republic of Serbia, a Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and on my possess behalf, and to conclude we for your willingness to accept a invitation to attend in a deliberations of a Conference of Honorary Consuls of a Republic of Serbia, hold in Belgrade, today, for a second time.

I would like to prominence a significance of a bureau that we are holding, and underline how severely we conclude your fasten to sportive a obliged functions of titular consuls, and your poignant grant to a insurance of a interests of a Republic of Serbia by providing assistance to a people.

Our goal was to take this event to surprise we about a simple directions of a unfamiliar routine of a Republic of Serbia and a mercantile potential, as good as about a vital investment projects and programmes on a revitalization and expansion of a Serbian economy. We would like to hear your comments and proposals concerning a possibilities for compelling a family and team-work with a countries where we are portion as titular consuls. There are possibilities to raise team-work both in domestic and mercantile areas, as good as in scientific, informative and other fields. Your activities and proposals can additionally raise a position of a Republic of Serbia and foster a political, mercantile and informative interests in a general community, as good as feature a participation where necessary, quite in countries where Serbia does not have a tactful or consular mission. In a liberate of your duties, we might count on my personal support, as good as a support of a Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a whole administration of a Republic of Serbia.

I wish to indicate out that, in a Republic of Serbia, a investiture of titular consul has a prolonged tradition and plays an critical purpose in tactful and consular relations. The initial titular consuls were allocated by a Kingdom of Serbia even before a First World War, in European cities such as Brussels, Liege and Geneva. The duration following a Great War saw a remarkable increase of a investiture of titular consuls. As a result, in 1931, a Kingdom of Yugoslavia had a sum of 91 titular consuls, and out of that series 62 served in Europe. Today, a Republic of Serbia has 75 titular consuls, including 24 in Europe, 27 in Latin America and 11 titular consuls in a countries of Asia, and as many in Africa, one titular consul in Australia and one in New Zealand; and we are looking brazen to a stop of a procession for appointing new titular consuls of a Republic of Serbia.

In line with a country’s unfamiliar routine priorities, a Serbian tactful use has been actively engaged, along with other state authorities, in a insurance of inhabitant interests, delay of negotiations on EU membership, expansion of good team-work with pivotal partners on a general stage and a normal friends worldwide, a expansion of good-neighbourly relations, building a complicated fast Serbia, refuge of general assent and honour of general law. The vital priority of a Republic of Serbia is to turn a member of a European Union. From a start of a routine of a negotiations with a EU compartment today, Serbia has non-stop 12 chapters, 6 negotiating chapters in 2017 alone. we wish that a series of chapters non-stop will boost distant some-more during a Bulgarian Presidency of a Council of a European Union, as that would be a right approach to give credit to Serbia and value a swell it creates on a European path.
President of a European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker has singled out Serbia as one of a front-runners in a European formation process, underlining that he would work on implementing a increase Strategy defining some-more closely a timeline for Serbia’s advent to a EU, adult to 2025.

In a context of attempts directed during preserving inhabitant interests in Kosovo and Metohija, we continue to deposit overarching efforts in opposite multilateral fora to strengthen a territorial firmness and government with all tactful means during a disposal, and to forestall a attempts of “Kosovo” from fasten several general organizations.
In this context, we have achieved certain formula in Interpol, World Customs Organization, UNESCO. It is critical to supplement that we were strongly corroborated in these matters by a friends from all opposite a universe and by we and your unselfish assistance, for that reason we would like to take this event to echo my low gratitude.

I underscore once again that Belgrade is entirely committed to a discourse with Pristina, led underneath a auspices of a EU, and we design Pristina to honour and exercise a undertaken obligations.
The Republic of Serbia wants to have good family with all beside countries and therefore it improves them both bilaterally and regionally, generally in a areas of economy and doing of infrastructural projects. My colleagues and member of mercantile departments in a Government of a Republic of Serbia will benefaction mercantile developments and a mercantile conditions in Serbia.

On this occasion, we would like to underline that one of a tip priorities of a Government of a Republic of Serbia is to emanate a enlightened business and investment environment, as a precondition for a graduation of mercantile expansion and development. New regulations have been adopted to promote executive procedures as most as probable and offer guarantees for unfamiliar investments, so significantly compelling a investment team-work climate. Opportunities for mercantile team-work are also presented by many giveaway trade agreements that Serbia sealed with a series of states. The above described intensity of Serbia has been famous by countless distinguished persons worldwide, who have already grown a business team-work in Serbia.

In a past years, a Republic of Serbia has liberalized a visa regime for a vast series of countries, in sequence to emanate a best probable environment and make Serbia some-more appealing for a visits of unfamiliar tourists, businesspeople and investors. Entry and stay in a Republic of Serbia but a visa have been finished probable for unfamiliar citizens, holding typical passports, entrance from 84 countries. For a adults of a Republic of Serbia, there is no visa requirement for transport to 68 states.

When we lapse to your countries, we design we to continue to extend support to a tactful missions in a peculiarity graduation of mercantile intensity of a Republic of Serbia, as good as in exploring new opportunities for cooperation. In this bid we will always have a full support.

At a same time, we wish to conclude we for what we have finished so distant as good as for what we will do in a future, and quite for your willingness and fasten to a opening of duties of an Honorary Consul of a Republic of Serbia.

I am assured that a Second Conference will minister to a graduation of discourse on all issues of common interest, as good as to a investiture of closer ties and team-work between a Republic of Serbia and a countries where we perform your critical and perfectionist tasks and duties as Honorary Consuls.

I would like to conclude we for your attention, wishing us all to grasp a lot some-more success together.”

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