Minister Dacic participates in OSCE Informal Meeting in Potsdam

Dacic potsdam_1920164Statement by First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic at today’s Informal Meeting of OSCE Foreign Ministers in Potsdam:

“Security challenges have become so complex and multi-dimensional today that no country is able to overcome alone, whether it is terrorism, violent extremism and radicalization, transnational crime, challenges stemming from migratory and refugee flows, human rights abuses, discrimination and intolerance, climate change.

At the same time, crises and protracted conflicts are not only becoming more frequent, they are becoming also increasingly multifold.

These numerous security challenges are threatening to endanger our already fragile common security, thus creating a need for urgent, decisive and coordinated responses by all of us.

The most important security challenges we face today call for joint responses, not unilateral measures. Now more than ever, our shared interests lie in working together and there is no alternative to co-operation.

I am  convinced  that  the  OSCE,  as a regional arrangement under Chapter VIII of the UN Charter, with  its  inclusive  membership  and  comprehensive  concept  of security, presents still one of the most appropriate forums for the dialogue on pertinent security issues.

We could argue whether today’s tensions, mistrust and insecurity in Europe are more or less challenging than in the past, still the Helsinki principles continue to provide a strong foundation upon which peace and stability in Europe should be built.

Dialogue and search for compromise, peaceful resolution of disputes, confidence-building, solidarity, responsibility and cooperation are based in the Helsinki spirit we should uphold. The full respect of OSCE principles and implementation of its commitments in all three dimensions provide the foundation for the security in the OSCE area and assuring their effective implementation should be our constant responsibility.

I would also like to underline the challenges stemming from the migration and refugee flows which remain to be a priority. We are supporting the enhancement of the dialogue and co-operation in the field of migration governance in the OSCE region and with the Partners for Co-operation. We are also actively seeking progress in strengthening OSCE’s tools in addressing migration related challenges. Nevertheless, we believe that after many discussions we have had last year, as well as during this year, the OSCE should be able to adopt a consensus-based document that would send a clear message on the importance of the issue.

Since the OSCE offers an excellent platform to tackle the existing and emerging transnational threats, the OSCE participating States should keep the constructive atmosphere in confronting this issue despite the overall divisive circumstances.

Fighting terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, as well as violent extremism and radicalization that lead to terrorism remains one of the top priorities of our Organization, but also a global priority, which requires resolute and unconditional condemnation of terrorist acts and joint determination to combat this complex phenomenon. In that context, specific attention should be paid to addressing the issue of foreign terrorist fighters.

All these security challenges questioned our ability to create an atmosphere that is conducive to working together. We must overcome distrust and misperception that create divisions and prevent us from effectively addressing serious security concerns.                                               I believe that informal Ministerial meetings, like this today, should bring us closer to this aim.

We have to create the opportunities for inclusive, open and honest dialogues on how to overcome these divisions and address difficult topics on issues of our common concern, since we all share the responsibility for a safe and prosperous future.

Only joint response and mutually agreed solutions could ensure peace, security and freedom in Europe.”