Minister Dacic perceived a commission of a Czech Republic headed by MP Jaroslav Foldyna

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Dacic - FoldynFirst Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic perceived now a delegation, headed by Czech Social Democrat Party Member of a Parliament of a Czech Republic Jaroslav Foldyna, that enclosed also former Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Czech Republic Jan Kavan and Czech Film Director Vatslav Dvorzak.

The assembly was stirred by a beginning of a MP from a Czech Social Democrat Party, Jaroslav Foldyna, for signing a petition to devaluate a approval by a Czech Republic of a autonomy of Kosovo, launched during this year’s protests orderly in Prague in a context of imprinting a tenth anniversary of a uneven stipulation of autonomy of Kosovo.

The rising of this beginning was directed during sketch a courtesy of a Czech open and a open during vast to a fact that a uneven stipulation of autonomy of Kosovo was in transgression of general law and that a Czech Republic had finished a large mistake by being one of a initial countries to commend a autonomy of Kosovo.

The interlocutors sensitive that – in sequence to redress a consequences of such preference – investigate visits for Czech reporters were orderly to Serbian enclaves in Kosovo and Metohija, in sequence to assure them of a tangible tellurian rights conditions of Serbs vital in a southern Serbian Province, so job open courtesy to a fact that a tellurian rights conditions of a Serb inhabitants of Kosovo and Metohija was most worse than what was famous to a public.

Minister Dacic thanked a members of a Czech commission for all they had finished so far, and what they were now doing for Serbia in sequence to foster a law concerning a emanate of Kosovo and Metohija, whose commercial of autonomy was in defilement of general law and UN Security Council fortitude 1244 (1999).

Members of a Czech commission are strongly assured that conditioning Serbia’s EU membership on a approval of Kosovo as an eccentric state is a arrange of blackmail, and they trust in a probability of reaching an agreement excusable to both sides, where something would be gained and mislaid by any of them.

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