Minister Dacic: “Relations with a United States are really critical to us”

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“Within a preparations for a assembly with a United States Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, we had talks with a US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Wess Mitchell. We had a consummate review with a aim of anticipating common interests common by a United States and Serbia, to a advantage of stability, assent and destiny of a whole segment and fortitude of open issues.

What is quite critical is that there is good will to strech a durability resolution to a problems in Kosovo and Metohija.

In this context, it is really critical that yesterday’s UN Security Council assembly developed in an atmosphere rather opposite in comparison to a prior ones. The participation of twelve Ambassadors who are Heads of Mission indicates a volume of significance that states continue to insert to this subject. The tinge was some-more constructive compared to a past period.

I trust that a stream administration shows some-more bargain for Serbian positions when it comes to informal problems.

We have not asked anyone to be prejudiced to us, though to listen to a arguments and suggestions for reaching a best solutions in a seductiveness of everybody in a region.

Relations with a United States are really critical to us, as they are to any other nation in a world. Regardless of a several past differences, we consider we should deposit limit efforts, as President Vucic has also explained, to arrive during an agreement and find common denominators with a United States, positively one of a countries with a biggest change in a region.

This morning we attended a National Prayer Breakfast, a normal eventuality that we have been participating in for a series of years now. The breakfast developed in a common atmosphere, and we were addressed by President of a United States Donald Trump. The Prayer Breakfast was an event to accommodate many politicians and officials, both from a United States and other countries from opposite a globe, and a hosts in particular, including Congressman Aderholt, one of a co-chairs of a Prayer Breakfast, among others.

The National Prayer Breakfast was an event for a series of shared meetings. In a context of what Secretary Tillerson and we concluded on in Vienna, and of a guarantee that he has kept, we am assembly him tomorrow, anticipating that a assembly will be a successful one, and positively really critical for a relations”, First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic settled in Washington.

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