Minister Dacic talks to “No to Kosovo in UNESCO” campaigners

studenti 23320161First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic met today with representatives of Belgrade and Pristina universities who organized the campaign “No to Kosovo in UNESCO” last year, during Kosovo’s UNESCO membership bid.

Minister Dacic thanked the students for helping Serbia a great deal to win in UNESCO.

Minister Dacic and the students underlined that Serbian culture and tradition were rooted in Kosovo and Metohija, expressing disapproval of them being preserved, through UNESCO, by those who had treated them in an inappropriate and rough manner. They agreed that the plan to rob Serbia and its people of the right to have a history and a heritage was unacceptable, adding that the state would, cooperating with students, continue to oppose attempts at depriving the Kosovo Serbs of their identity.

The Head of Serbian diplomacy announced that he would visit Serbian cultural heritage sites in Kosovo and Metohija in the coming months, accepting the invitation to discuss with Kosovo students various initiatives aimed at joining UNESCO and other international organizations.