Minister Dacic talks with the Ambassador of Kazakhstan

Dacic- amb._KazahstanaFirst Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic met today the non-resident Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the Republic of Serbia, with residence in Budapest, NurbahRustemov.

During the meeting, they discussed current bilateral relations and the possibility for their improvement, most of all in the area of economy. Particular attention was paid to the impending visit of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, NursultanNazarbayev, to Belgrade, in June this year, as well as to Serbia’s participation in the International Exhibition “EXPO 2017 Astana, Kazakhstan”.

The Serbian side has emphasised its gratitude to Kazakhstan for their principled position onthe respectof the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Serbia, and for Kazakhstan’s posture taken during the General Conference of UNESCO, in November 2015, when Kazakhstan voted against the admission of Kosovo to this Organisation.