Minister Dacic thanked Burundi for revoking recognition of Kosovo

Ivica Dacic with Alain Aime NyamitweFirst Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic had a meeting today with the Minister of External Relations and International Cooperation of the Republic of Burundi, Alain Aime Nyamitwe.

After the meeting, Minister Dacic underlined that Serbia and Burundi were two friendly countries and expressed the need for their mutual cooperation and support in international organizations.
Ministers Dacic and Nyamitwe discussed the situation concerning the bilateral relations and the strengthening of economic and cultural cooperation, including in the education area.

Minister Nyamitwe pointed out that the relations between the two countries had been good ever since the time of the SFRY, stressing that the SFRY was one of the first countries to have recognized the independence of Burundi.

“The SFRY had an initiator role in the decolonization process, the fight against apartheid, strengthening the African Union, and we pay tribute to Tito for providing assistance to Africa”, said Minister Nyamitwe.

The Serbian Foreign Minister thanked, once again, the Republic of Burundi for rescinding its decision to recognize Kosovo as an independent state.

Minister of External Relations and International Cooperation of the Republic of Burundi Nyamitwe underlined that his country revoked the recognition of Kosovo, because the recognition was in contravention of the principles of Burundi’s foreign policy.

“After discussing the state of facts and presenting our arguments for revocation of recognition, I was pleased and delighted when I received the verbal note on the revocation of the recognition of Kosovo. Not so much for the note as such but for its content, because it is a serious political text”, said Minister Dacic.

“Serbia is not against dialogue, but it is against taking unilateral steps”, concluded the Serbian Foreign Minister.