Minister Dacic visits Saint Sava’s Church

HramCo-Chair of the Board for Organizing the Interior Painting of Saint Sava’s Church, First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic visited the Church today, where he became acquainted with the preparatory works, and stated that the beginning of painting was expected soon, and that the dome and the altar would be finished by 2019.

Minister Dacic emphasized that the 16,000 m2 surface area would be decorated in mosaics, and reminded that Russian President Vladimir Putin said Russia would complete the painting of the Church of Saint Sava in Vracar.

“The painting works will cost several dozen million euros. Gazprom Neft has allocated four million euros for these purposes. The last preparations are now being made by the contractors,” said Dacic.

He added that the logistic preparations were under way, as well as installing of platforms; that the painting would begin from the dome downwards, and that the dome and the altar would be completed by 2019.

The Serbian Head of diplomacy said that, during his recent visit to Russia, he spoke to Metropolitan Hilarion, Co-President of the Russian side of the Board, and that he was informed of the preparations entering the final stages.

“It remains for the Russian side to make formal decisions on who will do the construction works, because this is not an ordinary job,” Dacic said, stressing that they ascertained, during today’s visit to the Church, that the works would begin shortly and the first mosaics could be admired soon. The Russian Government, he said, would finance the interior works, while the Serbian Government would help decorate the rest of the Church grounds.

Master builder Vojislav Milovanovic said the platform was currently under construction, as well as securing logistic support for the beginning of mosaic layers’ work. He added that the two mosaics already existing in the Church were just illustration of how the mosaic technique would look like, but that they would not be part of the painting of the Church in Vracar.