New Year’s accepting hold during a Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Statement of a Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic during a New Year’s accepting given for Heads of unfamiliar tactful missions and general organizations, directors and editors-in-chief of a media:

“Dear friends,
Your Excellencies,
Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen,

First of all, we would like to wish we all a best in a New Year, both during a veteran and personal turn so that all of us might have a lot of good reasons to accommodate and applaud a corner successes.

Speaking of Serbia’s unfamiliar routine in 2017, we can be gratified with a achieved results. Pursuing correct and offset policies we promoted a critical inhabitant interests, above all insurance of territorial firmness and sovereignty, fortitude during a same time clever activities in tie with a doing of Serbia’s pivotal unfamiliar routine priority – full EU integration. We sought to say and lower family with all a partners and friends, even with those with whom we do not always share a same views and to residence many hurdles we have been faced with.

An open and suggestive discourse and partner family have been and will continue to be a usually means to solve all open questions. In that sense, in 2017 we not usually confirmed a high-level domestic discourse with beside States, namely those from a segment of South Eastern Europe, though even managed to lift those family with some of them to a top turn in new years.

In 2017, Serbia non-stop 6 negotiating chapters with a EU. Since a conflict of a negotiating process, a sum of 12 chapters were opened. Two of them have been provisionally closed. This certainly is a success, though judging by a efforts and a formula achieved in a negotiating process, that series should have been higher. we wish that during a Bulgarian Presidency of a Council of a EU, a series of non-stop negotiating chapters will be extremely bigger in legitimate approval of Serbia’s swell along a European road.

In his State of a Union address, President of a European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker singled out Serbia and Montenegro as leaders of European integration, emphasizing that he would continue to work on a plan for their successful advent until 2025, that is a initial clearly tangible tim-line for Serbia’s advent to a EU. This is a good summary for Serbia that might have a certain impact not usually on a nation though on a European trail of a rest of a region. Serbia’s grant to a EU Common Foreign and Security Policy has been certified by a continued appearance in troops and troops UN- and EU-led assent missions, by strengthening a ability to take partial in municipal assent operations, team-work in a quarrel opposite terrorism, tighten team-work with a European Defence Agency and successful team-work with a EU during a interloper and migrant crisis. Serbia has proven to be a convincing partner by a activities.

Allow me to prominence a formula achieved within a Berlin process: environment adult a Regional Youth Cooperation Office, with conduct bureau in Tirana and a deputy from Serbia as a initial Secretary General as good as assigning Belgrade to be a chair of a Transport Community. We understand a investiture of a Western Balkans Fund of significance to a graduation of informal cooperation.

In 2017, Serbia was visited by Foreign Ministers of a Czech Republic, Austria, Norway, Italy, Germany, Estonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belgium, Australia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Sweden, Finland, Kyrgyz Republic, Congo, Tunisia, Iraq, Qatar. In addition, there were countless meetings with unfamiliar officials, members of a highest-level delegations visiting Belgrade. There were also many critical meetings with unfamiliar officials during a margins of critical general events. In 2017, a discourse in a trilateral format between a Foreign Ministers of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Turkey was renewed (first during a margins of a 72nd UNGA event and after in Belgrade). In 2017, we paid shared or operative visits to a Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Russian Federation, Slovenia, Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Norway, Vienna, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Argentina and other countries. The initial event of a High-Level Cooperation Council between Serbia and Greece, that was on a side headed by President Aleksandar Vucic, was hold in Thessaloniki on 13 July. we attended a 65th National Prayer Breakfast and met, among others, with a newly-appointed US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. we also participated in a Ministerial Meeting of a Association of Caribbean States.

Firm joining to building extensive family with Russia has been validated by unchanging meetings between high-ranking officials and their suggestive discussions as demonstrated by a new revisit of a commission of a Republic of Serbia to Moscow, headed by President Vucic. In 2018, we shall symbol 180th anniversary of a investiture of tactful family with this country, that will be celebrated in a appearance of a Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and corner activities in Belgrade and Moscow. At shared level, we done swell in a family with a United States.
President of a Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic visited Washington D.C., that was a good domestic signal. US President Trump was invited to compensate a revisit to Serbia. Overall critical partnership with China was additionally promoted in 2017 with a continued ceiling trend. We are unapproachable that Serbia is among a 29 countries that participated during a top turn in a initial International Belt and Road Forum in Beijing in May 2017 when a commission was headed by President Vucic. Also, in 2017, Serbia continued to play an active purpose in all fields of team-work between China and 16 Central and Eastern European countries. Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic participated in a 6th Meeting of a Heads of Government between China and Central and Eastern European Countries. We are gratified that a family with some critical Asian partners have almost softened over a past few years. Also, after 31 years, we shall horde a Japanese Prime Minister – Mr Shinzo Abe will revisit Belgrade on 15 and 16 Jan this year. Moreover, during a revisit of afterwards Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic to India in Jan 2017, when he participated in a Vibrant Gujarat Summit in Ghandinagar, a traditionally good family with that country, dating behind to a days of a Movement of Non-Aligned Countries, have been promoted, but any superb issues.

Serbia continued to revive a ties with aged friends from Africa. Its joining to strengthening a family with Africa, Serbia symbolically validated by proclaiming 25 May as a Day of Friendship with African Peoples. More visits of a African officials to Serbia and many meetings with African Foreign Ministers including during general gatherings attest to a willingness to heighten family with these countries and a African Union as a whole, as good as to give them new calm and quality.

Serbia closely watches a conditions in a Middle East and builds partner family with all countries of this region, not holding any sides in a ongoing conflicts and misunderstandings burdening a region. At a same time, Serbia is prepared to help, as most as it can, to overcome a existent problems.

Serbia has mostly intent itself in substantiating stronger shared family with Latin American countries and in 2017 it accredited a Ambassador to a Caribbean Community – CARICOM. In addition, Serbia has instituted a procession to obtain spectator standing in a Pacific Alliance. In Sep 2017, a Ministry of Foreign Affairs launched an beginning to settle tactful family with Tuvalu, Nauru, Samoa, Vanuatu, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Micronesia and Palau. In team-work with a Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of a Republic of Serbia, a doing of a World in Serbia plan has resumed (scholarships for students, postgraduate students and PhD grade holders from a Member States and Observers in a Movement of Non-Aligned Countries during Belgrade University) for educational 2017/2018. So far, 25 scholarships to margin from 12 countries have been awarded underneath this project.

Serbia attaches well-developed significance to team-work within a United Nations, an classification whose functions and beliefs it entirely honours and respects. Our activities have been destined during reaffirming a honour for general law and a functions and beliefs of a Charter of a United Nations, assured that they have to be reputable but difference and fully, if general law is to safety a universality. This team-work is of sold significance also within a efforts to say government and territorial integrity. That is because we have consistently forked to a significance of UNMIK rendezvous in Kosovo and Metohija that is critical to building and compelling fortitude and confidence in a Province, safeguarding tellurian rights and freedoms of all a residents, above all of Serbs and other non-Albanians, as good as formulating conditions for unhindered and tolerable lapse of internally replaced persons.

As partial of a efforts to guarantee a inhabitant interests of Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija, extensive efforts in several multilateral fora have been continued in sequence to strengthen with all accessible tactful means a territorial firmness and government and frustrate a attempts that “Kosovo” be postulated membership in several general organizations. In that respect, we have achieved certain formula in a INTERPOL, World Customs Organization, UNESCO. We perceived clever and unstinting support from a friends around a creation in this endeavour, to whom we demonstrate my frank thankfulness on this arise as well. They embody some of a countries that progressing famous uneven stipulation of autonomy of “Kosovo” that after on backtracked on their decisions like Suriname and Guinea Bissau. Some other cruise to go along a same path.

I would like to stress once again that Belgrade is entirely committed to discourse with Pristina underneath EU auspices and design Pristina to honour and honour a obligations it had undertaken as well.
We continue activities to feature Serbia’s rendezvous in a work of general organizations. In that context, let me prominence Serbia’s continued appearance in a work of a UNESCO Executive Board. Also, in a September-December 2017 period, Serbia chaired a OSCE Forum for Security Cooperation while member of Serbia participated in all critical meetings and gatherings in all 3 OSCE measure as good as in a meetings of a Council of Europe.

Proceeding from a idea that tact and a activities during a general turn should offer a purpose of mercantile and amicable growth of a country, we would like to singular out a rendezvous towards a doing of a 2030 Global Agenda for Sustainable Development. Activities during a general turn to foster a position and insurance of a refugees and internally replaced persons from Kosovo and Metohija have continued as good as a activities to entirely exercise Regional Housing Program for refugees.

In 2017, a Ministry of Foreign Affairs continued an active team-work with other efficient institutions to exercise priorities in a margin of confidence policies, that encompasses a team-work with NATO by a Partnership for Peace programme on a basement of troops neutrality; team-work with a EU within a negotiating routine in a margin of Common Security and Defence Policy; rendezvous within a OSCE confidence post as good as in many other forms of team-work in a margin of common confidence and defence.

Serbia demonstrated a solve to share efforts in combating stream confidence hurdles (terrorism, cyber and appetite security) that serves to foster a unfamiliar routine position and purpose of a obliged partner. Of sold significance is a appearance in a quarrel opposite terrorism, generally a rendezvous in a bloc fighting DAESH.

Last year, we abolished visa mandate with many countries to make Serbia some-more appealing to tourists and uninformed investments. Let me discuss some of those countries: Peru, Iran, India, Indonesia, Guinea Bissau and Suriname. Foreign nationals from 78 countries can revisit Serbia but visas. The nationals of a Republic of Serbia can transport to 68 states but visas.

Aware of a purpose played by titular consular officers, Serbia can exaggerate to have 74 of them around a world. In 2017, we determined a consular post of a Republic of Serbia in Spain, headed by an titular consul with a chair in Zaragoza. We design to settle consular posts headed by an titular consular officer in Australia with a chair in Perth, in a Slovak Republic in a city of Martin, in New Zealand, with a chair in Auckland and in a Republic of Turkey, with a chair in Antalya. The significance of a consular aspect of team-work was best proven in final year’s depletion of 14 of a nationals stranded in a arise of Hurricane Irma, in a corner movement with a Governments of Spain and France, for that we extend my thankfulness on this arise as well.

Finally, let me wish all of we once again a lot of private and veteran success, good health, well-being, and might 2018 be pacific and moneyed for a universe during large.

Thank you.”

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