Panel on Sub-Regional Arms Control within a Framework of a OSCE Security Dialogue

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OSCE Forum The thematic row of a OSCE Forum for Security Cooperation clinging to a doing of a Agreement on Sub-Regional Arms Control was hold underneath a Chairmanship of a Republic of Serbia, within a horizon of a confidence dialogue, in Vienna, on 25 October.

Acting Assistant Foreign Minister for Security Policy, Ambassador Branimir Filipovic, as a keynote speaker, sensitive a high member of a OSCE participating States of a domestic significance of a Agreement and a certain impact on a refuge of assent and graduation of confidence and fortitude in a Western Balkans region, following a developments of a 1990s.

It was underlined that a Agreement’s focus was one of a many successful implementations of a Dayton Peace Accords to that all signatories were entirely committed, that was also welcomed in a statements of many member of a OSCE participating States. The panellists enclosed Mr. Ivan Ivanisevic, Director General for Multilateral Cooperation in a Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro, and Brigadier General Peter Braunstein, Head of a Verification Centre of a Federal Republic of Germany.

Additionally, a 59th Meeting of a Sub-Regional Consultative Commission, to be chaired by a Republic of Serbia in a second half of this year, was hold in Vienna, on 24 and 25 October.

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