Representative of a Ministry of Foreign Affairs participated in a Conference on municipal missions

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Palata SrbijaSerbia Palace hosted, on 7 and 8 Nov 2017, a Conference on substantiating a complement for appearance of municipal experts in multinational operations led by a OSCE, EU and a UN, co-organized by a Ministry of Defence and a OSCE Mission to Serbia.

The Conference was non-stop by Defence Minister Aleksandar Vulin, while a speakers during a opening event also enclosed Head of a EU Delegation to Serbia Sem Fabrizi; Head of a OSCE Mission to Serbia, Ambassador Andrea Orizio, and Assistant Minister of EU Integration Ksenija Milenkovic.

In serve to member from a Ministry of Defence and a Ministry of European Integration, a initial session, clinging to a growth of a complement for appearance of municipal experts in multilateral missions led by a EU, OSCE and a UN, was addressed also by a Acting Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs for Security Policy, Ambassador Branimir Filipovic.

Ambassador Filipovic highlighted a activities carried out so distant towards formulating an institutional and authorised horizon that would capacitate deployment of municipal experts to multinational missions and operations, in a same approach that a crew of a Serbian Armed Forces and a Ministry of Interior has been deployed for many years now. He underlined that Serbia’s appearance in these missions and operations was a rarely critical component of a country’s unfamiliar routine positioning and a achievement – as a Member State of a UN and a OSCE, and an EU claimant nation – of general commitments, and a grant to assent and stability. Ambassador Filipovic serve underlined a Foreign Ministry’s impasse in this area as coordinator of activities in Serbia’s EU negotiating routine within a horizon of Chapter 31 – Common Foreign, Security and Defence Policy, and a high turn of inter-departmental team-work with a Ministry of Defence, Ministry of European Integration, and other ministries and institutions, as this was a corner endeavour of essential unfamiliar routine importance.

Representatives of a Foreign Ministry’s Sector of Security Policy and Sector for a EU also participated in row discussions associated to reviewing a practices of other countries in dispatching municipal experts, and a emanate of tellurian apparatus and institutional capacity-building for municipal appearance in multinational operations.

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