Republic of Serbia committed to progressing and strengthening team-work with a Mediterranean Partners for Cooperation

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Address by First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia Ivica Dacic during a High-Level Segment of a OSCE Mediterranean Conference in Palermo:

Dear Minister Alfano,
Your Excellencies,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear Colleagues,

I am celebrated to residence we on interest of a Republic of Serbia on this critical occasion. Let me appreciate a Italian hosts for organizing this year’s Mediterranean Conference on Large Movement of Migrants and Refugees, as good as for a high significance Italy attaches to this dire issue. we would also like to appreciate Austria which, as OSCE Chair, continues to support a team-work on both sides of a Mediterranean Sea.

The participation of so many ministers and other high-level member of governments and general organizations demonstrates a significance that participating States, Mediterranean Partners and other general organizations insert to a co-operation between a OSCE and a Mediterranean region.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Since a beginnings, OSCE has been a forum for discourse and contention for participating States as good as for a partners, charity a toolbox and a height to diminution tensions, scold misperceptions, and foster a enlightenment of toleration opposite a OSCE area and beyond. Already a Helsinki Decalogue famous a significance of a Mediterranean dimension and a aptitude for a confidence and fortitude in Europe. This couple has been apparent generally in these severe times, when formidable tensions and conflicts again prominence a augmenting independence of a regions.

The OSCE is well-placed to minister to a tellurian response to a stream migrant difficulty and to element a efforts of other general organizations. Due to a convening power, a OSCE is a useful informal height for discourse and team-work between countries of origin, transformation and destination, including with a Partners for Co-operation. The Organization is already carrying out a far-reaching operation of activities in a margin of migration. These include, for example, a insurance of victims of trafficking in tellurian beings as good as a sell of best practices with courtesy to limit management. Let me also remind we that during final year’s Ministerial Council in Hamburg we have concluded on a Ministerial Declaration on a OSCE’s purpose in a governance of vast movements of migrants and refugees.

2017 OSCE Mediterranean Conference underscores a good intensity for augmenting team-work between OSCE and Mediterranean Region. we trust this critical eventuality will yield us with a timely event for sell of views on issues that are rarely applicable to a bulletin of both sides of Mediterranean.

Ladies and gentlemen,

The stream interloper and migrant conditions calls for unabated attention, potency and, above all, oneness of all applicable actors, not usually in providing puncture charitable assistance to refugees and migrants in a stream crisis, though also in seeking and anticipating durable solutions for persons in long displacement.

There is no doubt that traffic with this vital emanate requires recognition of a base causes underlying a transformation of population, such as a dispute in Syria and a altogether frail conditions in a Middle East region, a array of conflicts in Africa, joined with poverty, despondency and domestic instability in many building countries opposite a globe.

I resolutely trust that a extensive resolution should be found both on a European, as good as a tellurian level, given this is not a problem within geographic proportions though a materialisation of tellurian scale, rare in a post-World War II period. We contingency not remove steer of a fact that a outrageous liquid of refugees and migrants to a countries of Europe, within a brief space of time, has done a internal communities along a emigration track unqualified of fast interesting this inflow, giving during a same time arise to increasing xenophobia and rancour of migrants in many countries.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Since mid-2015, Serbia has been in a really centre of a supposed Western Balkans emigration track transited by many migrants on their proceed from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and other violent regions to a countries of Western and Northern Europe. The Western Balkans track was strictly sealed in Mar 2016, after an agreement had been reached during a EU – Turkey Summit. The series of persons in transformation was significantly reduced, ensuing in their lengthier stays in a domain of transiting countries, including Serbia – so behaving as a poignant weight on a accessible capacities.

Over a past dual years some-more than 900,000 refugees and migrants transited by Serbia. We have demonstrated a oneness and humanity, for that Serbia frequently receives regard from migrants themselves, though also from a general community.

Our consolation for refugees and migrants and essential bargain of their pang and difficulty stems from a fact that we have been faced with a problem of refugees and IDPs for some-more than dual decades. According to a UNHCR data, a nation is even currently home to a sum of 250,000 refugees and IDPs vital in long displacement, a largest series in Europe.

The rebate in a series of refugees in a domain of a former Yugoslavia was mostly a outcome of their formation in a Republic of Serbia, that gimlet a largest weight of a durable resolution for a interloper problem. Regrettably, out of 200,000 IDPs from Kosovo and Metohija, usually 4,000 of them or 1.9% have returned to their homes.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Before we conclude, let me underline that there is positively no choice to operative together. Dealing with a formidable hurdles that we are confronting will usually be successful if we join a efforts and conduct to act with full honour to a simple values, beliefs and commitments of a OSCE. The bulk and complexity of a hurdles faced by a Euro-Mediterranean segment can't be addressed by a singular state or classification on a own.

We contingency jointly rise comprehensive, humane, and tolerable solutions so providing for simple tellurian grace and insurance needs of refugees and defence a tellurian rights of all, though during a same time, guaranteeing confidence of a target countries. It is of pinnacle significance to foster awake informal approaches to a formidable and divisive emanate of migration, so paving a proceed towards common concepts, common policies and concurrent action.
In closing, we would like to stress once again that a Republic of Serbia stays committed to posterior and strengthening team-work with Mediterranean partners, including by a OSCE, wherever a Organisation can be of assistance with a extensive proceed to security.

Thank we for your attention.

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