Republic of Serbia committed to observance of Holocaust victims

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First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic had talks with President of a World Jewish Congress Ronald Lauder, on a fringes of a International Conference on a Responsibility of Institutions, States and Individuals in Combatting Antisemitism in a OSCE Area, hold in Rome, 29 Jan 2018.

The interlocutors voiced their common regard over a ever some-more visit manifestations of anti-Semitism opposite a world, and Europe in particular, assessing as unfit a attempts during distorting history.

Ronald Lauder underlined that a Jews all over a universe are beholden to Serbia for a acts and deeds in a past, quite temperament in mind a tellurian fee of a Serbian people, and rarely appreciated Serbia’s benefaction opinion towards a Jewish community.

Minister Dacic stressed that a Republic of Serbia and he privately were committed to observance of Holocaust victims, and to a quarrel opposite those who minimize a committed crimes, clear their perpetrators, and underlined that Serbs never committed crimes opposite Jews. He forked out that a Republic of Serbia was a initial nation that upheld a law on a doing of a Terezin Declaration and rejecting of a consequences of a lien of Holocaust victims’ property, that was welcomed by Ronald Lauder.

Addressing a Conference, a President of a World Jewish Congress drew sold courtesy to a attempts during revisionism and casting a cover of relativity over a Holocaust and all other crimes committed in World War II.
He serve cursed a resurgence of ultra-right and pro-Nazi parties, that is tolerated by some European countries.

Ronald Lauder quite commended a purpose played by Russian President Vladimir Putin and his personal efforts in combatting anti-Semitism, emphasizing that Jews now suffer a larger volume of leisure in Moscow than in “Paris, London, Malmö or Berlin”.

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