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Dacic and DarboeFirst Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic met currently with a Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Gambia Ousainou Darboe, who is on a revisit to Serbia.

Minister Dacic emphasized that Minister Darboe was a initial Gambian central to revisit a nation after many years and pronounced that Serbia was rarely meddlesome in restoring a family with those countries with that it had good team-work during Tito’s Yugoslavia.

“Our family currently are not as good and grown as they used to be and it is in a vital seductiveness to revive them.

We mount prepared to foster team-work in all segments. We would like President of a Gambia to revisit a country, and of course, we wish a people of a Gambia as quick growth as possible”.

He announced a signing of a Protocol on team-work between a dual ministries, covering team-work in several fields as good as mutual support during a general level. The Minister also indicated seductiveness to have a team-work agreement sealed in areas of mutual interest.

“Economic team-work is modest, yet there is a lot of room to boost commodity trade and foster team-work in a fields of agriculture, construction, troops attention and we are prepared to assistance in training and preparation by extenuation scholarships to a Gambian students.

We are also prepared to assistance settle team-work in a fields of military-education, medicine, culture, sports, quarrel opposite orderly crime, terrorism…” a Minister said.

Minister Dacic conveyed to his Gambian co-worker a ask that a Gambian Government once again examination a preference on approval of a unilaterally announced autonomy of Kosovo.

“I ask and introduce to a Gambian friends to once again re-examine their preference done in 2009 by a prior Government and former President to commend unilaterally announced autonomy of Kosovo given an augmenting series of countries are also reconsidering their decisions. we voiced a wish and a wish that a Gambia does a same”, Minister Dacic said.

He emphasized that he sensitive Minister Darboe about a developments of past years and decades and that this was a uneven act that continued to beget several positions and disputes and that even yet some countries famous uneven stipulation of autonomy of Kosovo, a series of countries in a UN Security Council like Russia and China, including some large Muslim countries, did not.

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